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Good buys for social and environmental impact

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Greeting Cards 
Aseema, an NGO that works with children provides a range of greeting cards designed by the children themselves. By ordering Aseema cards, you will not only support the children, but also instil in them, a sense of pride and self-esteem. The size of the card is 5.25"X 7.25". On the back of each card, there is a write-up on Aseema. The cards cost Rs.15 / per card, including the envelope. The card do not have a printed message, giving you an opportunity to fill in you personal wishes!


Paper Kandils (Lanterns) 
Nano Akash Kandil – conceived by Tushar Angre, is unique, because it is crafted from single sheet of paper. It can be assembled through simple folds and require no pasting at all. It is available in a pack of 12 ready-to-make sheets, and children can have great fun in making them as they learn. There is a choice of colors – red, orange, green, purple, blue and brown. The price of this pretty, eco-friendly lantern is Rs.15 each.

Mithai (Sweet cakes) 

Alpa’s offers delicious traditional Diwali sweets, be it ‘kaju rotla’, (Rs.130 for 250 gms) or barfis. This year they have specialised in sweets made from dry fruits, in different shapes, and mouth-watering combinations, like almonds and anjir (figs), kaju rolls with pista filling. Prices range from Rs.200 to Rs.500 for 250 gms (depending on the sweet). Packing is attractive, and home delivery is available.
Torans and Home Decor
Sahaj, a social organisation for the development of the rural women in Gujarat, provides training for home-based income generation. The women here learn to make beautiful traditional home decor accessories. This exquisitely designed decorative sequence flower toran is made from fabric, sequins and resham dory. Size: 36", colour: Blue, Red, orange, and is priced at price Rs.350 per piece.
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