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'Sometimes villains win' is the war-movie message

Friday, April 05, 2019

Superheroes represent hope in a world full of conflict and it is up to the filmmakers to weave real-world issues in the storylines, says "Avengers: Endgame" co-director Joe Russo.

Just like mythology, he says, superheroes appeal to a cross-section of people. So one can be a fan of Captain America for his morality while another would be attracted to Deadpool's amorality.

"They become important because they are archetypal, hopeful and accessible to global audience. There is a lot of darkness in the world and we try to infuse thematics that are valuable on a global level to these movies. You can find the code, ethics or values you can identify with. It is no different to any mythology, Greek or any gods you can think of," Russo told PTI in a group interview.

He believes there are multiple layers to the story as both the sides are driven by a motive greater than them.

"'Infinity War' has the message that sometimes villains win. It's a fairly relevant subject matter if you are an American at the moment. There is a mirror held up to society by the films that at least we try to do. This is why they have reached the level of pop culture saturation that they have."

This is why, he believes, even a villain like Thanos may find acceptance in some people for his fanatical dedication to his 'altruistic' cause of killing one half of the world's population and preserving the other.The director duo have worked hard to give a justified end to 22 storylines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the two-part magnum-opus.

"My brother and I, we try to bring psychological realism in characters. We like to deconstruct stories and I think when you look at our films - 'Winter Soldier' to 'Endgame', there's a consistent tone process, a lot of psychological realism and constantly deconstructing the universe.

"So, in 'Winter Soldier', we found out that the good guys were actually the bad guys. 'Civil War' deconstructed the Avengers by splitting them up and in 'Infinity War', we did that by killing half of the characters. That's a theme with us as filmmakers and issues that are important from storytelling point."

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