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Yoga for youth

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board and  Kaivalyadham teach them young

As many as 1400 students from Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board colleges will be trained in yoga  by the year end in a program organised by R.D & S.H National College in association with ICYHC Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute and Mumbai University's National Service Scheme. National College is headed by Principal Dinesh Panjwani, who is also a Kaivalyadham trustee and  firmly  believes in "the principles and importance of practising yoga and inculcating it in our daily lives".

He was speaking at the award distribution ceremony for yoga interns and master demonstrators on October 27 in the National College auditorium in the presence of Mumbai University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Suhas Pednekar and  Mumbai University’s NSS Head Prof. Baba Saheb Bidve, as well as Dr. Manju Lalwani (Principal, CHM College), Dr. Hemlata Bagla (Principal, KC College) and Prof Parag Thakkar (Principal, HR College). Mr Subodh Tiwari and Dr. Nutan Pakhare, B.A.M.S ,CCYE, PGDYS, Counsellor with the team from Kaivalyadhama who helped to teach and evaluate the students who participated in an intensive week-long program.

Prof. Pednekar spoke of how "yoga liberates stress and builds a sense of awareness of oneself and the environment.  Dr. Kailash Aute of the Department of English and Chairman of  the Arts Forum of CHM College lauded yoga as "the ancient culture of India. We should encourage students to adopt this scientific art as it’s the need of the times".  Dr. Vilas Gaiker of CHM College’s Economics Department said  the college’s various departments were very enthusiastic and eager to be the part of the program. Prof. Sanjay Damale of C.H.M. College Department of Health and Physical Education said, the students were eager to inculcate yoga all year long and had various diet questions.” MMK College’s NSS Program Officer, Sushant Damodare said the students were enthusiastic about "learning new dimensions and horizons of yoga asanas and pranayamas".

Dr Pakhare is also an ayurveda and yoga teacher at Kaivalyadhama and describes yoga as "tool free techniques of holistic wellness". She herself is an alumna of Kaivalyadhama and teaches the traditional form  structured by Sage Patanjali i.e. Ashtanga Yoga. "However, yoga has no relation with any particular religion so I can't associate it with Hinduism. It can be practiced by all for health and wellness since it benefits not only the physical and mental aspects of the personality but also the emotional, intellectual and spiritual. It can also be used as preventive health science. For me, it brought about holistic transformation."

The phenomenon of celebrities doing yoga is in the opinion of Prof Anjana Vijan, HOD, Department of Hindi, R.D. National College "good to some extent as we always try to imitate celebs and at times, also try to be like them". She credits yoga with putting her "back to fitness and also relieving me from stress and peer pressure.The breathing exercises keep me mentally fit and physical yoga keeps my body fit. It is a way to exercise and meditate to make our lives blissful. Yoga is all about eternal energy. "

Shruti Gaja, Class-TYBMM (Journalism) R.D National College says, "Yoga may seem a little boring at first but gradually you start enjoying within yourself. It creates a sense of awareness about the body. The most enjoyable aspect of yoga is it creates peace of mind."  She is particularly fond of "stretching and backbending which taught me to be patient and calm in each situation”. She believes the success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it changes the way we live and conduct our relationships.” She feels yoga is more mental than physical "since if the individual is not mentally strong, than physical exercise is of no use.”

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