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Yoga as therapy

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Never try to do yoga simply by watching TV or copying others, says yoga therapist Dr. Charumitra Ranade

We all know that yoga and ayurveda are the two main traditional Indian systems to maintain our health.

Yoga is a scientific approach towards maintaining health and preventing disease.

One has to understand deeply... how exactly does it work?

As an ayurvedic doctor and yoga consultant, my focus would be mainly for particular ailments—i.e. yoga therapy, and not just general yoga.

First of all, those who suffer from some kind of pain or illness should never opt for yoga by watching TV or copying others.

Some may wonder—how can one achieve good health by merely stretching our muscles or breathing in a particular manner?

Before we start its mechanism and deep philosophy...let me share some basic guidelines or rules that we all must follow before starting yoga therapy.

Always do yoga on an empty stomach...i.e.

  • Four hours after meals,
  • Two hours after snacks
  • One hour after tea/ coffee/ liquids.
  • Don’t practice yoga when you have fever, loose motions or severe pain.
  • After any surgery, you must consult your surgeon for fitness; this could be three to six months, depending on the nature of the surgery.
  • Always share your past history of illness or present complaints to your yoga teacher.
  • Have deep faith in this science before starting. If you have doubts, remove them or else you will not get results.
  • Be regular and consistent in yogic practice.
  • Don’t expect magical results. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is the mantra for results.
  • Fix one particular area for yoga in your home. Don’t change it often.
  • Always use a yoga mat or simple mat for practice.
  • Use simple loose cotton clothes while practicing yoga.

Dr Charumitra Ranade has been an Ayurvdic doctor since the last 28 years and a dietician and yoga consultant for the last eight years.

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