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What fuels creativity?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Creative expression often draws on issues of depression and mental health. Here’s a glimpse into two recent works

I learned to live with madness'

A recent play in Pune put the spotlight on neurosis

What happens when a writer turns her neurosis into a winning formula of success? On Sunday, April 1, theatre audiences in Pune were witness to Sam & Muse, a play written, directed and conceptualised by Deepali Parmar. Sam & Muse, the first play by Sajal Mitti Performing Arts Center’s Theater Ritual, attempted to redefine the way  drama is executed and experienced “to nurture the fast altering human psyche in these diverse, contrasting times that we live in today”. The tagline read: “… at least I figured out a way to live with my madness!”

Says Deepali: “The writer Sam overcomes her bouts of neurosis by believing in her imagination and following it through for over 15 years until she becomes a world-renowned and much loved writer and manifests her muse as a real entity who lives with her every minute.

“My personal, intimate and fierce battle, research and experiments with neurosis, borderline personality disorder depression and anxiety and staying alive in this world and society we live in for over 35 years has brought me to a deep conviction that "all madness is ONLY and only a denial or inability to accept one’s most unique gifts, abilities, intelligence, aliveness, a power that is unparalleled with whatever reality exists around us. It’s before its time, it is pure genius”..  If the world around us did not exist with its set of acceptance and low IQ all the mad people would turn around and create paradise on this planet.

“Only the truly mad need accept their own madness and they would realise they are actually fighting their own enlightenment and in turn not allowing this planet to become better,” she adds.

 In Sam and Muse, the protagonist says: "... at least I learnt to live with my madness, make friends with it. Trust you, my crazy Muse, believe in my imagination, follow my creative impulse. At least I could do that for 25 years, in isolation, in misery and then here we are, happy, successful beyond belief. The irony is now I have to shield my happiness lest the world think I am mad again...actually I am delirious with freedom and bliss."

If you are in Pune this weekend, then catch the play on Sunday April 15, 2018  (6.30 to 8.00 p.m.) at Sudarshan Rangmanch, 421-422, near Ahilya Devi Girls High School, above Bank of Maharashtra, Pune – 411045

Donation Pass:  150; RSVP necessary—seats limited
Contact: 97640 05739

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