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‘Understand your body type’

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Divay Dhamija shares his tips for good health and eating right

Divay Dhamija, known for his television serial, Agnipera, has one of the fittest bodies. The actor shares his way of staying fit and eating right.

Fitness routine My fitness routine generally includes a mix of dancing, weight training, cycling and running. Though my days are hectic, I head straight to the gym post my shoots.

Mental health I wake up early to practice meditation, even though it is for 30 minutes. This helps me to keep my mental health strong.

Meal plan The first thing I do in the morning is drink a lot of water, which helps keeping extra cravings at bay. It also keeps the digestion strong and body hydrated. This is followed by breakfast, which is rich in antioxidants, fibre, carbs and good fat (mostly coconut oil). This is the heaviest meal I take in the day, followed by fruits and salads for mid meals. My lunch is home-made—a protein-rich meal including curd, rice, dal and vegetables. In the evening I prefer herbal tea or a detox drink followed by a light dinner. Eating at regular intervals is the key.

Break from diet There is one cheat meal in a week for me when I usually prefer fast food. The cheat meal also helps in improving metabolism, keeping my digestive and immunity system strong.

Thoughts on health bars and supplements The Max health bar is good. There is nothing wrong with health bars or supplements if done in moderation. The protein we take is essential for people who work out a lot.

Fittest celebrity Tiger Shroff. He works really hard on his body.

Tip for new health junkies A work-out is very important. But what is more important is to stay focused. The usual trend is people join gyms for two months and when they do not see the desired results they quit. It’s about consistency. Also, it’s important for people to understand that every body is different. So, I might walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes and sweat a lot but someone else might not experience the same effect; therefore understand and follow what’s more important for your body type.

As told to Tanmaya Vyas

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