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Say What?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Quick Quiz To Know Yourself

You’re in a crowded restaurant and you just can’t catch what people are saying. Are they talking like this on purpose? Sunny Rodricks suggests taking this quiz to know whether you should go easy on your ears

1.            You want to kick back and plug in to portable music. What’s your usual volume level?

                a) Music is my life. I never let the music level drop to a low! The louder the better!

                b) You will never see the sound level go beyond 50 or 60% when I listen to music.

2.            What is your work environment like?

                a) My office is right next to a busy highway, so it can get pretty loud.

                b) My office is located in an quiet alley, off a small road. Needless to say, it’s peaceful.

3.            Are you a club and concert person?

                a) I love the feeling when I am close to the amp and the music is blasting in my ears.

                b) I don’t like loud places. I carry ear plugs if I attend concerts or go clubbing.

4.            How often do you smoke a cigarette?

                a) I finish one packet or two in a day. (I know I should quit...)

                b) I am averse to the bad habit and stay away from cigarettes.

5.            Do you feel as though people tend to speak very softly when at a restaurant or a party?

                a) Yes. Very often I have to ask people to repeat what they have just said.

                b) Not really. I can always catch what others are saying or what’s being said in my immediate surroundings.

6.            Do you experience a ringing, buzzing or chirping in your ears at times?

                a) Yes! Very often there is a buzzing or ringing sensation in my ears, especially in quiet and peaceful environments.

                b) I rarely experience this. I take good care of my ears and make sure that they are always clean.

Mostly As: You may need to take it easy on your ears. Listening to music on full volume can damage your ears and potentially leave you deaf. Hearing loss could be happening so gradually that you may not even realise it is happening, especially if you’re exposed to high noise levels, be it your daily commute or your work place. According to a study from the University of Leicester, headphones on music players can reach sound levels as high as 120 decibels. This can strip away myelin sheath from the nerve cells of your ears, which hinders the delivery of electrical signals from the ears to the brain. This damage is permanent and cannot be reversed. Also, asking people to repeat what they’ve just said is a red flag for hearing loss.

Mostly Bs: It seems as if you are in sync with your ears and are taking adequate care of them. Overexposure to loud noises at a young age can lead to severe hearing loss when you’re older, and it can also cause hearing loss at a younger age. By dropping your volume limit to about 70% of the maximum, you are making sure that your ears are safe. Wearing earplugs in loud environments such as when you go to a club, concert or music festival is a good way to prevent damage to your hearing. A simpler way to avoid damage is not to stand close to the speakers.


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