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Reshape your nose

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Non-surgical nose reshaping or chin augmentation is gaining popularity in India, says Dr Satish Bhatia

In aesthetic plastic surgery, rhinoplasty has been the most common facial surgery to correct or reconstruct the nose. However, these days, reshaping of the nose without surgery is gaining popularity. Nose reshaping can be done either surgically or non-surgically. Patients seeking surgical or non-surgical nose reshaping often have abnormalities, such as excessive or insufficient nasal length, more or inadequate nasal tip projection and congenital or acquired deformities.

Normally, if the nose has excessive dimensions, it requires surgical rhinoplasty, while patients with inadequate nasal dimensions or minor defects would find non-surgical methods of nose reshaping to be more acceptable. Non-surgical methods of nose reshaping involve use of dermal fillers.

Nowadays, many celebrities go for non-invasive treatments not requiring surgery. One such technique, called cryolipolysis (also known as Cool Sculpting), was undertaken by the Kardashians recently for one of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. In this procedure, the body's fat is frozen to bring out the desired look and it also requires very little time to recover.

The advantages of using dermal fillers for nose augmentation are manifold. It is ideal for those who do not want to undergo surgery or avoid anaesthesia. Dermal fillers can  be used in both congenital and acquired nasal defects. It can also be used in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery. Moreover, it is minimally invasive, less expensive, safe and less time-consuming. Dermal fillers provide quick treatment and instant results.

However, there are a few disadvantages; they cannot correct nasal functional problems and cannot be used when nasal reduction is required.

Non-surgical nose reshaping has become an alternative to the traditional rhinoplasty surgery of restructuring the nose mainly because it is safe, gives quick results and satisfies patients. This can be done in few hours’ time and one can return home or resume work on the same day.

Non-surgical nose restructuring or nose jobs can be combined together with facial shaping, also known as non-surgical facial slimming.

Similarly, non-surgical chin augmentation also helps in reshaping the face. The process is simple and less time-consuming. It can instantly reshape the chin in a safe and painless procedure in less than an hour and right in front of you. A flat or small chin can be reshaped with a little enhancement to make a person's face look attractive by redefining his or her jowl line.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose job or chin augmentation can last for over one year. It is now medically proved that the procedure can be repeated before the effect is fully gone.

There are no side effects in the procedure for nose and chin augmentation. Some patients develop a temporary redness from the topical anaesthetic which can vasodilate the skin (make skin blush). However, vasodilation fades after one hour.

Unlike the surgical rhinoplasty, in the non-surgical procedure there is no anaesthesia, no downtime, no excessive bruising at the end of the treatment and one maintains the original structure and bones of the nose. Besides, the dermal fillers have local anaesthetic "lidocaine" built in which makes the injection’s work more comfortable. Non-surgical treatment is simple and trustworthy and preferred among the people desiring to go in for nose and/or chin reconstruction.

The best part of the non-surgical treatment is that a patient can see the procedure being performed by the doctor and make comments or give feedback.

Dr Satish Bhatia is MD, Dermatology & Skin Surgery, Indian Cancer Society

Short takes

Rhinoplasty is facial surgery to reconstruct the nose, but in some cases, non-surgical methods such as dermal fillers can be used instead.

These are minimally invasive, less expensive, safe and less time-consuming. Dermal fillers provide quick treatment and instant results.

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