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Know More: Bizarre Yester-Year Fitness Devices

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Scores of people are obsessed with gymming, but what rigs were used in the days gone by? Aakriti Patni takes a look at some of the weirdest fitness equipment from history

If millennials are known as the social media generation, then the generation before us should be identified as the one with laziest gadgets, even when it came to fitness! In lieu of the days gone by, we take a look at some of the wackiest fitness gadgets that have been conjured up.


Gaining popularity around the 1950s, this fad hasn’t really died out. With a simple premise, it was every lazy girl’s dream come true. You didn’t need workout gear; you just had to strap on the belt — targeting the area where you wanted the fat to “melt” — and let the machine do its job. It may seem preposterous, but the trend of slimming belts is still a popular one even today!


A big trend in the early 2000s was to make machines do all the work. Now, we’re all for that trend... after all, who wants to shake a leg to exercise, right? And the iGallop does just that, allowing you to build your core and abdomen muscles and tone your hips and thighs by stimulating the motion of a trotting or galloping horse. All you’re required to do is enjoy the stationary horseback ride that the machine takes you on.


Possibly one of the most famous products that America is known for, the ThighMaster not only revolutionised the tele-marketing sphere, but is also one of the most used exercise products to shape and tone your thighs. This odd-looking gadget had people squeezing it between their thighs for toned legs.


A special office chair that we honestly would love to sit on, this one works on the basis of an Hawaiian Hula (hence the name!). The chair rotates beneath you and is supposed to help build abdomen and core muscle strength. But, the best part is that you can be working at your desk or chatting on the phone while the Hawaii chair works out for you. Now tell us that isn’t what dreams are made of!


If you’ve ever wondered whether you could burn calories while talking, then the Dumbbell Phone is the gadget for you! As the name suggests, you can easily tone your biceps as you chatter away. As hilarious as it sounds, we were left wondering what would happen to your other arm if you truly did use this ‘dumbbell’ regularly.

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