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Has your stamina hit a low point?

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

We’re all trying to get on the health kick, with the latest diet trends and de-toxing cleanses. But, all the calories cutting aside, are you actually fit? Aakriti Patni brings you quiz that will tell you whether your stamina is lower than normal

1. Do you usually take the stairs or the elevator (or the escalator)?
a) I always bound up the stairs!
b) Well, unless it’s the first floor, I prefer waiting for the lift. Who can climb that many stairs without huffing!

2. Do you have a fixed sleeping pattern?
a) Early to bed, early to rise — that’s my motto!
b) Not really. It depends on my mood and what I did that day.

3. Did you recently fall sick or suffer from an infection?
a) Not a serious one, but I did have the flu last week.
b) Yes, actually I was down with food poisoning all of last month.

4. What would you say your stress level is currently?
a) I’m a pretty laid-back person, so I would say it is low.
b) With the deadlines at work, my stress level is through the roof!

5. How many litres or glasses of water do you drink on average?
a) I would say about six to eight glasses a day.
b) Uh, I don’t really count... maybe four glasses a day?

6. Do you often face problems with acidity and/or constipation?
a) No, thankfully I have a healthy system!
b) I do have problems with acid reflux and even constipation.

Mostly As: Your stamina is simply charting the roof! From using the stairs rather than the elevator and maintaining a proper sleep schedule, your lifestyle supports your metabolic rate and ensures that you aren’t tired easily. What we love is the fact that you come off as an easy-going person, one who is calm and composed. Stamina is not just about physical strength, but mental composure as well, and you keep your cool in more ways than one, which is why you have high stamina levels. What more can we say but keep it up! 

Mostly Bs: Well, as we tut our heads at your sweating and out-of-breath body, disapprovingly (but kindly), we must look at what has led to your low stamina levels. Apart from your improper sleep schedule, your diet isn’t a healthy one since you suffer from acidity and constipation. But, what’s more worrying is your stress levels and fluid intake. The more stressed you are, the more you sweat and the more water you lose. We suggest taking a step back from your hectic life to relax and unwind. You’ll see your stamina rise soon.

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