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Beware Of The Brazilian

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are your Brazilian waxes damaging your skin? Purva Indulkar suggests you take this quiz to find out

Women often subject themselves to painful procedures to keep themselves updated with a modern beauty regime, and one such procedure is the Brazilian wax. However, if you’re not careful, a bad wax can leave you with more than just an uncomfortable itch!

If you’ve had even one bad experience, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, there is, unfortunately, a good chance it might happen in the future. However, if this seemingly harmless and conventionally appropriate beauty routine is harming your skin, you can take this quiz to find out. Read our box to find out how to protect yourself against a rash and infection if you get a Brazilian wax often.

1.   How often do you get a Brazilian wax?
a) At least once a month.
b) Once every couple of months.

2.  Have you noticed any cuts on your skin caused by regular waxing?
a) Some show up on occasion.
b) Never.

3. Does the hot wax burn your skin?
a) All the time!
b) No. Of course not!

4. Does ingrown hair cause itching or irritation around your pubic area?
a) Yeah! I don’t know what to do about it.
b) No. I am careful not to scratch there.

5.  Has your pubic region become very dry or rough after a Brazilian wax?
a) Yes. It’s uncomfortable.
b) No. Why would it?!

6. Does the peeled skin cause painful friction when you get dressed?
a) It burns! (Ouch!)
b) No. Never.

Mostly As You seem to be in the habit of getting Brazilian waxes too often. Repeated waxing can make you too sensitive. Hair protects your sensitive skin and mucous membranes, and over-waxing strips it off. Pulling off the outermost layer of skin also allows bacteria a portal to enter. Waxing also causes inflammation, which traps bacteria beneath your skin, leading to skin infections, folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles) and ingrown hair. If you have diabetes, chronic kidney or liver diseases, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis or a weak immune system, you should avoid waxing altogether.

Mostly Bs You’re not going overboard with your Brazilian waxing, but there is still room for improvement. Read our box for a few tips you should keep in mind next time you book an appointment with your cosmetologist.

At your next brazilian waxing session…
Choose a salon carefully

Before you make an appointment at a new clinic, visit the place and see for yourself how clean it is. You can also ask a friend for a recommendation to check out the best places for a healthy and safe Brazilian wax.

Ask about the wax
Different waxes provide different results. Hard wax is gentle and adheres to your hair and not your skin; speed wax is soft, sticky and used with a roller applicator. It is fast and easy, but more painful, and more likely to nick your skin. Also ask about other products that the clinic uses and pick chemical-free ones.

Look out for hygiene
Your cosmetologist should not dip anything in the wax pot twice, because this can contaminate the pot. They should also use a brand new spatula every time they apply wax on to your skin. As a safety measure, they should check the temperature of the wax on the inside of their wrist before applying it on your skin. If they are not taking these measures, ask them to do so!

Prevent irritation
Your skin is bound to be extra-sensitive for a couple of days after you get a wax. If you notice any inflammation or skin irritation in or around the area, use over-the-counter antibiotic and anti-inflammatory creams. This will ease irritation and help ward off potential infections.

Learn how to spot an infection
Check carefully with a hand-mirror and look for inflammed or ingrown hair, rashes, raw or open sores or any cuts. If you develop redness, swelling, itching, experience a burning sensation, skin peeling or get a fever, see a doctor immediately.

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