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'Be free of medicines'

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dr Nandita Shah, Founder, SHARAN, an organisation committed to reversing lifestyle diseases through nutrition

“Good health means being free of medicines, feeling fit and energetic and in a good state of mind. One can attain it by eating and living the way nature designed us to eat and live rather than the way we have been taught and conditioned to eat and live by our society, culture, and advertisements. No matter what we do, the food should taste delicious, it should be satisfying otherwise the plan will not be sustainable. And it should be high-quality because nutrients are spare parts for healing. We could start out by adding more fruits and vegetables to our daily diet, and if possible in the raw form.

SHARAN India has a five-point plan for nutrition:

1.Food should be whole—this means unrefined, unprocessed.

2. Food should be plant-based; vegetarians and non-vegetarians get the same disease, because meat and milk have the same properties—high protein, high fat, and no fibre. By plant-based we mean foods that we humans would instinctually be drawn to in the natural form (ie on a farm or orchard).

3.Organic—we are the only species that sprays its poison on its food so that other species that don’t eat it. We should not eat this either! Organic is food that is grown the way nature designed for it to be grown.

4. Test and supplement, if required, vitamin B12—vitamin B12 is only made by bacteria and so we don’t get enough of it in our super hygienic lifestyle.

5. Test and supplement, if required, vitamin D—Vitamin D comes from the sun, and we are not spending enough time in it.

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