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A permanent solution

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Laser hair removal is an effective method to eliminate unwanted hair, says Dr. Harish Kasetty

Laser hair removal has become the most effective and permanent way to treat unwanted hair using advanced laser technologies, providing a more time-saving alternative to the traditional methods of hair removal.

Generally, the smaller the area treated, the lower the cost, while larger areas cost more.

When considering the procedure and cost, know that the length of treatment varies and most patients require a minimum of six sessions to permanently reduce hair growth. The patients are normally scheduled for subsequent sessions four to six weeks after each session.

The latest and advanced treatments with triple wavelength diode lasers such as primelase HR are indeed effective and convenient. They are virtually painless and can be used even for dark and tanned skin safely.

The duration depends on the size of the area treated. Based on the evaluation by a qualified dermatologist, the technician adjusts the pulse frequency of the laser to optimise the treatment.

Patients can return to normal activities immediately post treatment.


  • The laser hair removal procedure offers permanent results.
  • The latest and advanced treatments are indeed effective and convenient with minimal or no discomfort.

To appreciate the laser hair removal procedure and its effectiveness, we must also know a bit more about the laser hair removal treatable areas. This procedure is effective and can be used for either body or facial hair removal. Depending on the treatable area, there is a corresponding laser treatment for hair removal.

Dr. Harish Kasetty is MD (Dermatology) and Medical Director, Neoderm Skin Clinic

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