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7 happy habits

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

You can ensure your own well-being with these seven happy habits starting now, says D Shroff

Over the years, through all my ups and downs, I have found that it really is very easy to get into habits that will put a skip in our steps and a smile on our lips, if only we learned to create happy habits into our daily lives.

I can see the eye rolls and the deep groans at this statement and yes, I have been a culprit of the same too, but…there is no harm in trying out something and finding out…Hey! It works!

We all have the usual routine habits… brushing your teeth, going to school, college, work and so on.  Why not create some routines,that purely bring a ray of sunshine and joy to us and those around us wherever we are, starting today, starting right now!

Acts of goodness
In study after study, it has been found that any form of generosity, just simple acts of kindness, volunteer work, donations for a good cause, helping someone do something, all raised our happiness levels. Say a kind word to the Uber driver, compliment your colleague on a job well done…

The simple act of laughing releases endorphins and makes you feel positive and good.  Remember that laughter is infectious and your laughter may invite laughter from someone else too! Keep a few jokes handy, watch some of the stand-up acts or the nightly Comedy Central.

Always count your blessings
Individuals who concentrate on what they have and feel happy about it, are always happier than those who dwell on the negatives.  It’s true what they say about “Seeing the glass half full instead of half empty”.

If you are in a bad mood, you might just have to start with, “I am grateful I can walk” and before too long, you will see how much you really have going for you, instead of against you.

Express gratitude
Saying a simple ‘thank you’ ratchets up the happiness quotient exponentially!  In a recent study, research subjects wrote a thank you note to people who had helped them in a significant way. Just a simple, “Thank you” expressed to a teacher, a colleague, the watchman/liftman or the maid and, their happiness levels shot up immediately and not only that, but they remained higher than normal for an entire month at least.

Get involved
Being absorbed and involved with something we are good at immediately adds on to our happiness quotient.  We are usually absorbed by the activities we are good at and that gives us a feeling of pleasure.

If you are an introvert, try writing for your own blog or taking some kind of class.  Quietly reading while having a nice hot cup of chai or if you are a social person, find a hobby that involves interacting with other individuals.  Anything you do with a purpose, will reap good dividends.

Plan an outing
Everyone likes to travel or go somewhere either on their own or with family or friends. Start planning a vacation or an outing well in advance and think of all the different activities you would like to plan out and the people who you would invite. Even if the event is a while away, just the thought of it will excite you and keep you motivated.

Let go
Let go of enmity, old grudges, thoughts of revenge, of ill-will and move on.  I am not advocating you need to forgive, because I know  that’s hard to do especially if someone has hurt your feelings… But I strongly advise you to move on and I truly believe that you need to just move back, let go and karma will take care of things for you… and hope that you are there to witness karma in action.  This way, you will just forget about the pain or anger and move on and enjoy your life.

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