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10 Ways To: Stress Less

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The hustle of life can be overwhelming at times. Pranika Sharma tells you how to get over the stress caused by our hectic lives

1. Schedule a session with your BFF

Stressing over work and not talking about it to anyone is never healthy. Well, that’s what your best friend will tell you if you have gone for long periods without talking to them. Talking to anyone whom you’re close to and feel comfortable with is a great way to relieve stress. It helps you understand what you’re going through and sometimes your BFF may give you good advice.

2. Think calming thoughts

The more you overthink things, the more stressed out you tend to get. The best way to rest your brain is through relaxation exercises and meditation. Meditation helps keep away the negative thoughts and fills you with positivity. It relaxes your mind and allows the brain to rest. It helps you sleep at night and also increases productivity. 

3. Take leisure baths
We are so caught up with our hectic lives that we often just have time for a quick shower. These are great for when you’re running late, but remember to unwind with a long, leisurely bath every once in a while. Treat yourself to a relaxing shower as you lay in the warm water and let the aroma of essential oils take over your senses.

4. Sleep well
You’ve heard it enough to know that seven hours’ of daily sleep is what our bodies require to function well. Getting good sleep ensures that your brain has enough rest so that it can function to its fullest extent. So, the more your brain rests, the more prepared it will be to handle the stress.

5. Turn to the sound of music

The soothing tunes of the strings of a guitar or the musical notes of a flute can calm and relax you. The soothing notes are scientifically proven to increase levels of endorphins (the happy hormones) in your body, which help reduce stress. So plug in and unwind.

6. Reduce screen time

We are surrounded by screens everywhere we look! We start our day by checking our phones, progress by spending hours in front of the computer and end it by lying in our beds scrolling through social media. But, this unhealthy habit affects our sleeping pattern and can act as a trigger for an increase in stress levels too. Make sure to spend some quality time away from all devices and interact with your loved ones face-to-face.

7. Set aside spa days

Spa days are an absolute essential if you want to de-stress! Spending an entire day at the spa or getting the spa treatment at home helps you leave behind all your troubles. A body massage loosens your tight muscles and stress points and helps improve blood circulation. Pamper yourself as all the soreness of the week leaves your body.

8. Give in to chocolate cravings

Dark chocolate is one of the best stress reducing foods that you can eat. Stress eating is not always unhealthy, if done in moderation. So, anytime you feel overly stressed, just bring out the dark chocolate and savour each bite. Dark chocolate instantly increases endorphin levels in your body, helping you feel happy.

9. Work the stress out

Stress is usually a byproduct of overworking and not letting your mind relax. Your brain is working constantly throughout the day and for it to function well, it needs fodder, which is the oxygen it gets from the blood. So, increasing blood circulation helps relax your brain and reduce stress. Regular exercise, yoga or just going for a 10-minute walk in the park can help increase blood flow to your brain, which in turn helps reduce stress levels. 

10. Indulge in a hobby

Everyone has a particular activity that they developed while growing up, but adulthood has forced us to leave our hobbies behind. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from our monotonous routines and indulge in our hobbies once again. Knitting, catching up on that book you stopped reading midway, taking a dive in the pool or simply cooking up your favourite meal. These activities serve as a distraction, helping you step away from your planner, keeping you excited and looking forward to more. 

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