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10 Ways To: Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sure, we rinse it every time we pick it up to brush our teeth, but keeping your toothbrush germ free can also prevent several unwanted issues! Khevna Pandit helps you out with a few simple tips

Use warm water
Instead of using cold tap water, use warm water to rinse your toothbrush. This will not only to clear the debris, but will also disinfect the bristles. Remember, you can’t use disinfectants to clean your toothbrush; this could help do the trick!

Don’t store it in a closed container
The moisture in a closed container creates a favourable environment for the growth of bacteria. While it is necessary to keep it covered to avoid picking up dirt or germs, make sure that your toothbrush is completely dry before you put it into a protective cover or case.

Keep it in an upright position
Keeping your toothbrush upright will allow the leftover water to drain away from the bristles, which will prevent the bristles from picking up bacteria from the heater. If you store your toothbrush in a container, you may have noticed that scum collects at the bottom. If your toothbrush lies on its side or facing down, it will be lying in that scum.

Clean your toothbrush holder once a week
Bacteria accumulates in your toothbrush holder and can be transferred to your brush. If the container has a closed bottom, it’s important to clean it often. Wash your toothbrush holder with soap and water at least once a week to make sure it remains sanitised.

Do not let toothbrushes meet!
If your toothbrush container has more than one brush, make sure that their bristles do not come in contact with each other. Coming in contact can get the bristles contaminated with bacteria and other bodily fluids.

Store it far from the toilet
Store your toothbrush at least two feet away from the toilet seat. When you flush, tiny water droplets containing faecal matter may escape the toilet and land on your toothbrush. While there is insufficient evidence that these traces of bacteria cause serious illnesses, it is still pretty unhygienic!

Wash your hands before handling your toothbrush
Remember: the germs from your hand, can be transferred to your mouth if you’re not careful. It is always important to wash your hands before handlinga toothbrush.

Don’t swap!
While this is a pretty obvious tip, you need to make sure that children do not share or swap their toothbrushes. While sharing a toothbrush, you also share your bodily fluids and germs — which can lead to a range of oral infections.

Say no to disinfectants
According to the American Dental Association, there is no clinical evidence that soaking your toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash has any effect on your oral health. In fact, it could lead to cross-contamination if you use the same disinfectant over a period of time, or share it with people.

Change your toothbrush every four months
It’s necessary to change your toothbrush every three to four months since it will get worn out and the bristles will bend or fray. If you notice that your electric toothbrush is getting worn out too, replace the head every three to four months .

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