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10 ways to: Beat the back-to-work blues

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The holiday season is over and although we wish the party could go on, we have to get back to work. Trisha Ghoroi tells you how to beat the back-to-work blues

1. Dress up

Wearing nice clothes always makes us feel good. Avoid being lazy in your dressing and put on something nice to uplift your mood. Friendly compliments about your chic outfit can cheer you up and make the day slightly more bearable.

2. Declutter your desk

Chances are in the excitement of the holidays you absolutely did not clear up your desk. With sticky notes, files and papers scattered all over, it’s only going to get difficult to tackle your tasks. Clean off your desk before switching on your computer. Throw away all the expired post-its and start with a clean desk.

3. Plug in

It’s extremely disturbing to focus on your work when your neighbouring colleagues are sharing holiday stories and loud laughs. Plug in your earphones with some relaxing music and you’re sorted for the next hour; hopefully they’ll stop by then.

4. Reach office early

We know it’s a challenge to reach office on time, but going early can really benefit you. You’ll have some peace to get your head in the work before the rest of the circus arrives. You can utilise this time to prep your work ahead for the day, fill in your planner and make notes which will come in handy through the day.

5. Take it slow

It’s not just you but every single person in the office is facing the back-to-work blues, even your boss. Avoid taking any crucial decision in the first couple of days and let yourself settle into the work. You can indulge in some light-hearted gossip with co-workers to avoid feeling blue.

6. Prioritize your work

There are high chances that you’re going to be piled up in work as soon as you reach office, and it’s easy to get stressed under all of it. The best way to tackle it is to make a priority list and complete the important tasks first.

7. Cut short your meeting

More meetings mean more work, and you don’t want files and emails to pile up and ruin the beginning of your New Year. Decide which meetings are more crucial and which can wait. Discussions and decision making meetings are fine, but don’t drag it on for too long.

8. Clean up your inbox

Be it spam or emails from workaholics who didn’t take a break even during the festive season, check your work inbox the previous night to clean up the junk and organise the important mails. This will make it easier for you to focus once you’re back.

9. Flex your muscles

We’re pretty sure you spent your holidays feasting on delicious meals and ditched your regular exercise routine. Make some time to step away from your desk and walk around, whether it’s to the coffee machine or to meet your friend on the other side of the office. Constant sitting can cause back pain and can make your day worse.

10. Plan your lunch

Lunch time marks half way through the day and it’s easier to go through a hectic day if you have something to look forward to during lunch. Pack an interesting lunch (not left overs, unless it’s something you love) or visit your favourite restaurant that day. Good food will keep you happy and going for the rest of the day.

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