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Gigantika Crossword No - 261

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Deadly snake(5)
8.Make waves (6)
15.Tree farming (13)
16.Primitive (7)
17.Performer’s goal (9)
18.Plato’s idea(5)
19.Used by sculptures (7,2,5)
23.Decrement (7)
26.Pause (8)
28.Getting back to normal healt (12)
31.Live to - —— old age (1,4)
32.Without thinking (8)
33.Albumen (3,5)
36.Home aquarium (4,4)
37.Part of China (8)
40.Classic musical film ‘The—— – ——-’ (12)
42.Author of ‘Warsaw Ghetto’ (4,4)
44.Water softener (4,3)
46.Royal Air Force officers (4,10)
49.Latin nine (5)
50.Wrongful deed (9)
53.——-of London-cosmetic brand (7)
55.Covert payments (5,3,5)
56.Colourful sport (9)
57.Cruel person (6)
58.Measurement unit (10)
59.’Mushroom city of India’ (5)

1.Chennai’s former name (6)
2.Dizzying party game (7,6)
3.Blood line (5)
4.Molasses (7)
5.New ventures (5,3)
6.Fire residue (5)
7.Expands (7,3)
9.Shots (7)
10.Writer———-Roy (9)
11.Shoe feature (5)
12.Widely recognised (14)
14.Article (3)
20.Guessed (9)
21.Kindo f angle (6)
22.White wine (8)
24.Hall-of-Fame Mr.Cub (5,5)
25.Morning meals (10)
27.Sequence of ideas (5,2,7)
29.Without a clue (2,4,3)
30.Enroachment (8)
34.U.S Presidential party (9,4)
35.Common greeting in Arabs (6)
39.’Maati-kushti’ sport (3,7)
41.’U’ in HUF (9)
43.Cold dessert (7)
45.Regards highly (7)
47.Whenever (7)
48.Insulating layer on nerves (6)
49.Parts of speech (5)
51.Custom (5)
52.Mouth part (3)
54.Prices (5)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   260)
1.Ganga 4.Goat cheese 8.Droves 13.Landscape 15.Neil Armstrong 16.Interim 17.Open house 18.Nails 19.Editorial pages 23.Enemies 26.Genotype 28.Sprung rhythm 31.Sheba 32.Isolated 33.Adelaide 36.Absolute 37.Centauri 38.Yogic 40.Living single 42.Mark down 44.Phoenix 46.A foot in the door 49.charm 50.Oversight 53.Riposte 55.Klip springers 56.Polar bear 57.Sanusi 58.Hypnotizes 59.Sasin.

Down: 1.Goldie 2.Ninety degrees 3.aesir 4.Grammar 5.Contempt 6.Erich 7.Statuesque 9.Retinue 10.Violinist 11.Sages 12.Amp energy drink 14.Ego 20.Ten gallon 21.Approx 22.Geppetto 24.Samuel Colt 25.Cod swallop 27.Thirty six hours 29.Hollywood 30.Waterloo 34.Ingeniousness 35.Husain 39.In name only 41.Violation 43.Stage set 45.Nemesis 47.Heralds 48.Neuron 49.Cakes 51.Sheen 52. Tap 54.Parts

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