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Gigantika Crossword No - 259

Wednesday, September 09, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Shore bird(5)
4.Niche compartment (10)
8.Scarce (6)
13.Essential (9)
15.Start to improve (4,3,6)
16.Hardy grass (7)
17.Person living next door (9)
18.Fool (5)
19.Superior people (4,2,3,5)
23.Unique (7)
26.Ear examination instrument(8)
28.Puppet pair on ‘Sesame Street’ (4,3,5)
31.Currency (5)
32.Cat size marsupials (8)
33.Opaqueness in the eye (8)
36.Poster paints (8)
37.Grand Prix racer (8)
38.Grape pigment (5)
40.Draw a line around (12)
42.Assign (8)
44.Holy traveller (7)
46.Avocados (9,5)
49.Compresses (5)
50.A division of angels (9)
53.Birth assistant (7)
55.Type of protest by workers (3,4,6)
56.Fit to be read (9)
57.Ancient chariots (6)
58.Fellow students (10)
59.Drain (5)

1.Forest worker (6)
2.X-ray of the brain  (13)
3.Soother (5)
4.Post-season game (7)
5.Stranger (8)
6.Severe conditions (5)
7.Plant growing on rocks (10)
9.Supply (7)
10.Version (9)
11.Wading bird (5)
12.Serving to typify (14)
14.Desire (3)
20.Bridal collection (9)
21.River horses (6)
22.More affected by a cold (8)
24.Officer (10)
25.Headwear during French Revolution (7,3)
27.Beethoven’s Ninth(6,8)
29.Detailed (9)
30.Turkish city (8)
34.Ron Brooks best selling book (6,7)
35.Hidden (6)
39.Decorative (10)
41.Shifts (9)
43.Soda fountain order (7)
45.Answer (7)
47.What’s left (7)
48.Shooting star (6)
49.Gum (5)
51.Pen name (5)
52.Babble (3)
54.Appointments (5)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   258)
1.Indus 4.Barter 7.Saibaba 11.Ussr 16.Outback 17.Needing 18.Coal Tar 19.Yoicks 20.Switch 21.Nauru 22.Rural 24.Opulent 25.Year 26.Sugar 27.Beans 31.Small 32.Grand 40.Discrete 41.Accident 42.Seagal 45.Truer 46.Equate 47.Untrue 48.Colon 50.Kalash 51.Connects 52.Skeleton 55.Flees 56.Booms 62.Smear 63.Sweet 65.Edta 67.Nonstop 71.Ulama 72.Under 73.Ramble 74.Cherub 76. Rainbow 77.Emerald 78.Airmail 79.Eddy 80.Intrude 81.Wedded 82.Enero.

Down: 1.Ivory Tower 2.Detritus 3.Sparkler 4.Bake 5.Runaway 6.Eventual 8.Argonaut 9.Buccula 10.Beat Up 12.Sir Francis Galton 13.Revolt 14.Rishi 15.Starves 23.Stampedes 28.Grace 29.One 30.Scalene 32.Laevulose 34.Rene Russo 35.Visually Impaired 36.Actress 37.Martins 38.Oddness 39.Teacher 43.Staking 44.Determine 49.Scant 53.Old 54.Campobello 57.Satanic 58.Befriend 59.Adams Ale 60.One Horse 61.Stargaze 64.Widower 66.Alluded 68.Pursue 69.Durban 70.Cries 75.Laid.

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