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GIGANTIKA Crossword No - 258

Wednesday, September 02, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Sindhu river (5)  
4.Trade (6)
7.Shirdi deity (7)
11.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (4)
16.Bush country (7)
17.In want (7)
18.Pitch (4,3)
19.Fox hunter’s cry (6)                    
20.Hairpiece (6)
21.South Pacific island (5)
22.Not urban (5)
24.Lush (6)
25.Period of 24 months (4)                 
26.Cause of diabetes (4)                   
27.Garbanzos (5)
31.Tiny (5)
33.Majestic (5)
40.Separate (8)                     
41.Mishap (8)
42.Action actor Steven(6)                    
45.More faithful (5)
46.Compare (6)  
47.False (6)                
48.Punctuation mark (5)
50.Metal pitcher used in Hindu rites (6)
51.Links (8)
52.Body framework (8)
55.Runs away (5)
56.Flourishes (5)
63.Nectarous (5)
65.Food preserv. (4)
67.Continuous (7)
71.Group of Muslim scholars (5)
72.Below (5)
73.Stray (6)
74.Infant (6)
76.Vibgyor colours (7)
77.Green stone (7)
78.Post by plane (7)
79.Ocean motion (4)   
80.Trespass (7)
81.United (6)
82.Spanish month (5)

1.Tusky turret (5,5)
2.Waste (8)
3.Kind of firework (8)
4.Sit in the sun (4)
5.Escape (7)
6.Ultimate (8)
8.Mythical sailor (8)
9.Fatty tissue under the skin(7)
10.Strike a person (4,2)
12.Founder of eugenics (3,7,6)
13.Rebel (6)
14.’Sage’ in Hindi (5)
15.Remains hungry (7)
23.Stock panics (9)
28.Pre-meal prayer(5)
29.First number (3)
30.Kind of triangle (7)
34.Mel Gibson’s co-star in ‘Lethal Weapon 3’ (4,5)
35.Having reduced vision (8,8)
36.Role player (7)
37.Purple swallows (7)
38.Peculiarity (7)
39.Faculty member (7)   
43.Gambling (7)
44.Find out (9)
49.Very little (5)
53.Not new (3)
54.Island off New Brunswick (10)
57.Wicked (7)
58.Help (8)
59.Water (5,3)
60.Small town description (3,5)
64.One without a wife (7)
66.Hinted (7)
68.Go after (6)
69.South Africa’s largest city (6)
75.Put down (4)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   257)
1.Pints 4.Garuda 7.Babylon 11.Amid 16.Gurbani 17.Winsome 18.Kindred 19.Tahiti 20.Simmer 21.Aloft 22.Value 24.Roamers 25.Eats 26.Pilot 27.Stray 31.Mince 32.Abode 40.Balloons 41.Nuisance 42.Across 45.Annie 46.Isomer 47.Ptisan 48.Negro 50.Depart 51.Solution 52.Attempts 55.Ploys 56.Beige 62.Kilns 63.Uttar 65. Mela 67.Tapioca 71.Pekoe 72.Gable 73.Wombat 74.Scarab 76.Dossier 77.Daphnia 78.Siamese 79.Emyd 80.Setters 81.Ashore 82.Eclat.

Down: 1.Pageturner 2.Northman 3.Startled 4.Gain 5.Rawhide 6.Dynamite 8.Ave Maria 9.Yoko Ono 10.Ornate 12.Medulla Oblongota 13.Diadem 14.Tours 15.Private 23.Eskimo Pie 28.Grain 29.Add 30.Session 32.Cosmology 34.Backstage 35.Saint Patricks Day 36.Algebra 37.Ingenue 38.Banting 39.Economy 43.Bandura 44.Instigate 49.Links 53.Sly 54.Enjambement 57.Intense 58.Calendar 59.Terminus 60.Space Age 61.Doorbell 64.Tabaret 66.Arapaho 68.Spruce 69.Ignite 70.Swipe 75.Ashe.

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