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Gigantika Crossword No - 257

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Pub orders (5)  
4.Mount of Lord Vishnu (6)
7.Hanging Gardens locale (7)
11.Surrounded (4)
16.Compositions of the Sikh Gurus  (7)
17.Charming (7)
18.Kinfolk (7)
19.Pacific island (6)                    
20.Boil (6)
21.Up in the air (5)
22.Rate (5)
24.Nomads (6)
25.Consumes (4)                 
26.Aviator (4)                   
27.Abandoned pet (5)
31.Chop (5)
33.Residence (5)
40.Decorative gas bags (8)                     
41.Pest (8)
45.——-Besant (5)
46.Chemical compound (6)  
47.Barley water (6)                
48.River in Brazil (5)
50.Go away (6)
51.Answer (8)
52.Tries (8)
55.Tricks (5)
56.Light brown (5)
62.Kilns (5)
63.——-Pradesh (5)
65.Indian word for ‘fair’ (4)
67.Pudding starch (7)
71.Water flea (5)
72.Roof style (5)
73.Burrowing beast (6)
74.Beetle (6)
76.Record holder (7)
77.Water flea (7)
78.Kind of twins (7)
80.Bird dogs (7)
81.Landed (6)
82.Panache (5)

1.Suspenful book (4,6)
2.Canadian or Scandinavian (8)
3.Shocked (8)
4.Profit (4)
5.Riding whip(7)
6.Explosive (8)
8.Rosary bead (3,5)
9.Beatle bride (4,3)
10.Fancy (6)
12.Portion of the hindbrain (7,9)
13.Crown (6)
14.City on the Loire (5)
15.Not public (7)
23.Cold treat (6,3)
28.Kernel (5)
29.Plus (3)
30.Term (7)
32.Study of universe (9)
34.Behind the scenes (9)
35.’Apostle of Ireland’ celebration day (5,8,3)
36.Math with alphabets (7)
37.Young actress (7)
38.Insulin discoverer (7)
39.Budget (7)   
43.Behavioural psychologist (7)
44.Provoke (9)
49.Chains (5)
53.Cunning (3)
54. Prosody(10)
57.Extreme (7)
58.Gregorian or Islamic?(8)
59.The end (8)
60.Modern era (5,3)
61.It rings in the house (8)
64.Upholstery fabric (7)
66.Wyoming tribe (7)
68.Conifer (6)
69.Excite (6)
70.Use a credit card(5)
75.Arthur——— - tennis legend(4)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   256)
1.Slant 4.Bigwig 7.Ecuador 11.Obit 16.Lurking 17.Nuptial 18.Elastic 19.Anglia 20.Deluge 21.Spore 22.Elite 24.Ketchup 25.Gods 26.Wades 27.A Cage 31.Frill 32.Repay 40.Intrepid 41.Nineteen 42.Supper 45.Aspen 46.Recoil 47.Finger 48.Solve 50.Heckle 51.Tortoise 52.Tamarack 55.Blast 56.Scusa 62.Agape 63.Otter 65.Draw 67.Embargo 71.Tenet 72.Tiber 73.Refine 74.Deburr 76.Removes 77.Inherit 78.Navahos 79.Tell 80.Endorse 81.Catnip 82.Ramps.

Down: 1.Salman Khan 2.Abrogate 3.Twilight 4.Bags 5.Ginseng 6.Impounds 8.Coleslaw 9.Awesome 10.Orates 12.Buckingham Palace 13.Tender 14.Sites 15.Stretch 23.Spare Part 28.Frank 29.Dam 30.Sharpen 32.Ludicrous 34.Energetic 35.Inspector General 36.Granola 37.Anoints 38.Strides 39.Tussore 43.Washers 44.Trimester 49.Bikes 53.Ill 54.Bed Of Roses 57.Epitome 58.Near Miss 59.Proforma 60.Observer 61.Brougham 64.Tabasco 66.Winston 68.Strict 69.Steven 70.Crohn 75.Snap.

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