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Gigantika Crossword No - 255

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Merchandise (5)  
4.DC fictional superhero (6)
7.Enlighten (7)
11.Fermenting agent (4)
16.Abraham———  (7)
17.Road sign (2,5)
18.Time of life (7)
19.Films (6)                    
20.Spotted cat (6)
21.Unleashed (5)
22.Seed cover (5)
24.Guernsey lillies (6)
25.Lowest female singing voice (4)                 
26.Walks in water (4)                   
27.Cheat (5)
31.Kind of dance (5)
33.Navigation aid (5)
40.Terrestrial decapod (8)                     
41.Valued objects (8)
42.Temple in India (6)                    
45.Lord Krishna’s consort(5)
46.Long for (6)  
47.Small apartment (6)                
48.Resort lake (5)
50.Luck (6)
51.Assailant (8)
52.Widespread illness (8)
55.Sudden burst of light (5)
56.Mideast money(5)
62.Mideast leaders (5)
63.Nonsense (5)
65.——-Ali Khan (4)
67.Get sick again (7)
71.Tempest (5)
72.Scottish geologist (5)
73.A gesture (6)
74.Sun colour (6)
76.Niches (7)
77.Madras formerly (7)
78.Alligator pear (7)
80.Whole number (7)
81.Nehru’s wife (6)
82.Kremlin vetoes (5)

1.Newt (10)
2.Plant and meat eater (8)
3.Iranian Revolution leader (8)
4. ‘B’ in SBI (4)
5.Shiva’s divine dance (7)
6.Enough (8)
8.Launder, in a way (8)
9.Battery terminal (7)
10.Main points  (6)
12.Comfortable place to sit (11,5)
13.Fictional jungle swinger (6)
14.Tale (5)
15.Expression of delight (7)
23.Warrior caste in India (9)
28.Ocean predator (5)
29.Inlet (3)
30.Hone (7)
32. ‘The Rock of —————-’ (9)
34.Cricketer turned actor in the film ‘F.A.L.T.U.’ (5,4)
35.Pressure on the heart caused by fluids(7,9)
36.Move forward (7)
37.Artist ———-Upadhyay (7)
38.Height (7)
39.Baby toys (7)   
43.Shelf support (7)
44.Single diamond ring (9)
49.Garment (5)
53.Kind of wood (3)
54.American golfer (10)
57.Look of pain (7)
58.Decorative curl(8)
59.Chinkapins (8)
60.Very long time (8)
61.Tanker pollution (8)
64.Supervise (7)
66.Miami locale (7)
68.Alaskan native (6)
69.Cricket team number (6)
70.Yellow shade (5)
75.Brazilian river(4)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   254)
1.Dumper 5.Eros 8.Chawl 13.Orients 14.Oceania 15.Narain 16.Oral 17.Lager 18.Demerit 19.Archway 20.Essene 21.Edar 23.Xhosa 25.Aerator 28.Sudoku 31.Idol 33.Templates 35.Parsec 38.Eerie 39.Alibaba 40.Places 43.Relate 44.Knit 45.Peg 46.Isolate 50.Apost 53.Reachable 55.All 57.Still Life 60.Senescent 61.Ale 62.Vitriolic 63.Think 65.Ephesus 68.Ern 70.Rite 72.Ceylon 73.Assess 75.Deliver 76.Eagle 78.Lenses 81.Strawpoll 82.Tale 83.Caress 86.Amentia 87.Roast 92.Asks 93.Nipper 94.Rebates 95.Aplenty 96.Nemea 97.Iamb 98.Olivia 99.Invalid 100.Lanolin 101. Easel 102.Eide 103.Sparta.

Down: 1.Dancers 2.Placebo 3.Rondeau 4.Tia Maria 5.Untruths 6.Esoteric 7.Solar 8.Peace 9.Known 10.Calyx 11.Anglo 12.Lariats 22.Aloe 24.Heats 26.Reel 27.Spice 29.Uglis 30.Koala 32.Lean 33.Tip The Scale 34.Eaves 35.Pare 36.Role Reversal 37.Extract 41.Apian 42.Egals 46.Insat 47.Oribi 48.Tall 49.Chain 51.Owens 52.Totes 54.Believe 56.Leap 58.Lakes 59.Ierne 64.Habit 65.Ends 66.Hilda 67.Users 69.Rsvps 71.Tilt 73.Amass 74.Sell 77.Eans 78.Leasable 79.Needling 80.Entangle 81.Strange 83.Canyons 84.Replica 85.Sardana 88.Almas 89.Trail 90.Above 91.Style 92.Aside.

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