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Gigantika Crossword No - 254

Wednesday, August 05, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Construction site truck (6)    
6.God of love (4)     
10.Indian tenenment (5)
13.Aligns (7)
14.Pacific islands (7)
15.———-Karthikeyan (6)
16.Kind of exam (4)
17.Brew (5)
18.Mark of misconduct (7)
19.Type of passage (7)                    
20.Early ascetic (6)
21.Biblical tower (4)
23.Bantu language(5)
25.Lawn tool (7)
28.Japanese numbers game(6)                    
31.Kind of worship (4)
35.Astronomical distance (6)
38.Spooky (5)                    
39. “Arabian Nights” hero (7)
40.Spots (6)
43.Associate (6)                    
44.Make a sweater (4)
45.Fastener (3)                    
46.Confine (7)
50. Phrase ‘deaf as a- ———’(1,4)
53.Easily approached (9)
55.Everyone (3)
57.Painting of objects (5,4)
60.Growing old (9)
61.Stout (3)
62.Filled with malice (9)
65.Turkish site of Roman ruins(7)
68.Sea eagle (3)
70.Ceremony (4)
72.Formerly Sri Lanka (6)
73.Judge (6)
75.Handover (7)
76.Bird of prey  (5)
78.Contact———- (6)
81.Informal survey (9)
82.Story (4)
83.Pat (6)
86.Mental deficiency (7)
87.Lampoon (5)
92.Requests (4)
93.Crab’s claw(6)
95.Abundant (7)
96.Home of Hercules’ lion(5)
97.Poetic foot(4)
98.Singer ———-Newton-John (6)
99.Not binding (7)
100.Lotion ingredient (7)
101.Artists’ need (5)
102.Platonic concepts (4)
103.Athens rival (6)

1.Performers in a troupe(7)                         
2.Sugar pill (7)
3.Lyric poem (7)
4.Coffee liqueur (3,5)
5.Fictions (8)
6.Obscure (8)
7.Kind of eclipse (5)
8.Calm (5)
9.Familiar face (5)
10.Flower part (5)
12.Lassos (7)
24.Track events (5)
26.Stumble (4)
27.Seasoning (5)
29.Wrinkled citrus fruits (5)
30.———bear (5)
32.Trim (4)
33.To register weight(3,3,6)
34.Drains (5)
36.Exchange of duties by a couple (4,8)
37.Distill (7)
41.Of bees (5)
42.French peers (5)
46.Indian National Satellite System (5)
47.African antelope (5)
49.Bicycle part(5)
51.Olympian Jesse(5)
52.Large bags (5)
54.Have faith (7)
56.——-year (4)
58.Fishing spots (5)
59.Ancient Ireland(5)
64.Custom (5)
65.Finishes (4)
66.Poet Doolittle (5)
69.Replies, quickly (5)
71.Incline (4)
73.Gather (5)
74.Peddle (4)
77.Lambs (4)
78.Ready to be rented (8)
79.Teasing (8)
80.Complicate (8)
81.Weird (7)
83.Gorges (7)
84.Copy (7)
85.Catalonian dance (7)
88.Egyptian dancing girls(5)
89.Follow (5)
90.Over (5)
91.Flair (5)
92.Separate (5)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   253)
1.Jumper 5.Void 8.Shawl 13.Enmasse 14.Elision 15.Carton 16.Have 17.Orbit 18.Terrace 19.Dreamer 20.Peteri 21.Miss 23.Earns 25.Nutcase 28.Toetag 31.Newt 33.Hourglass 35.Ascent 38.Seoul 39.Ego Trip 40.Garcia 43.Errant 44.Smug 45.Eel 46.Stables 50.Irish 53.Irregular 55.Gpa 57.Astroturf 60.Mini Dress 61.Ldl 62.Impromptu 63.Karma 65.Elector 68.Fem 70.Alto 72.Target 73.Misact 75.On Leave 76.Heeds 78.Barren 81.Empowered 82.Yale 83.Scowls 86.Average 87.Clasp 92.Wear 93.Tremor 94.Sterile 95.Ailment 96.Early 97.Lamb 98.In A Tub 99.Conceal 100.Lantern 101. Slosh 102.Side 103.Garret.

Down: 1.Jackpot 2.Patient 3.Renting 4.Emirates 5.Escalate 6.Vehement 7.Deeds 8.Piles 9.Films 10.Snore 12.Lotuses 22.Saws 24.Aalia 26.Tola 27.Price 29.Ought 30.Aural 32.Teen 33.Hugger Mugger 34.Saves 35.Apes 36.Certified 37.Non Drip 41.Reign 42.Iliad 46.Spark 47.After 48.Estd 49.Igloo 51.Inept 52.Hoser 54.Laplata 56.Pil 58.Olafi 59.Ulama 64.Abram 65.Eton 66.Eolic 67.Orval 69.Essex 71.Tidy 73.Moods 74.Cher 77.Sake 78.Bearable 79.Riesling 80.Etageres 81.Exceeds 83.Setting 84.Open Air 85.Surebet 88.Aereo 89.Psych 90.Deans 91.Sizes 92.Wells.

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