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Gigantika Crossword No - 253

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Sleeveless outfit (6)    
6.Invalid (4)     
10.Winter accessory (5)
13.Collectively (7)
14.Omission (7)
15.Box (6)
16.Possess (4)
17.Planet’s curved path(5)
18.Flat area in a building(7)
19.Builder of castles(7)                    
20. “Great” Czar(6)
21.Fail to hit (4)
23.Gets money (5)
25.Crazy person (7)
28.Morgue ID(6)                    
31.Elongated amphibian (4)
33.Kind of figure (9)
35.Elevation (6)
38.South Korean capital (5)                    
39.Selfish act (3,4)
40.Rocker Jerry (6)
43.Roving (6)                    
44.Complacent (4)
45.Sushi fish (3)                    
46.Horse houses (7)
50.Kind of coffee(5)
53.Uneven (9)
55.Grade point average(3)
57.Alternative for grass(9)
60.Revealing garment (4,5)
61. “Bad” cholesterol letters(3)
62.Unprepared (9)
63.Law of moral causation(5)
65.College official (7)
68.Finite Element Method (3)
70.Choir voice (4)
72.Objective (6)
73.Behave badly (6)
75.Vacationing (2,5)
76.Notices (5)
78.Arid (6)
81.Licensed (9)
82.Shade of blue (4)
83.Frowns (6)
86.Ordinary (7)
87.Hold tightly (5)
92.Put on (4)
93.It’s felt in a earthquake(6)
94.Antiseptic (7)
96.———bird prizes (5)
97.Mary’s follower (4)
98.Place for three men? (2,1,3)
99.Hide (7)
100.Light source (7)
101.Spill over (5)
102.Edge (4)
103.Small attic (6)

1.Highest prize (7)                         
2.Person in the hospital (7)
3.Leasing out (7)
4.’E’ in UAE (8)
5.Increase (8)
6.Strong feeling (8)
7.Acts (5)
8.Heaps (5)
9. Movies (5)
10.Sleep sound (5)
11.Yellow shade(5)                       
12.Water flowers (7)
22.Cuts (4)
24. ——-Bhatt (5)
26. Indian weight for gold (4)
27.Cost (5)
29.Obligation (5)
30.Ear-related (5)
32.Youngster (4)
33.Confusion (6,6)
34.Preserves (5)
35.Copies (5)
36.Authorised (12)
37.Like some candles or nozzles (7)
41.Rule (5)
42.Trojan War epic (5)
46.Incite (5)
47.Later (5)
48.Short for established(5)
49.Eskimo’s house (5)
51.Clueless (5)
52.Fire extinguisher (5)
54.City in Argentina (7)
56.Tablet (4)
58.Norwegian king  (5)
59.Group of Muslim scholars (5)
64.SRK’s son (5)
65.Collar (4)
66.Greek dialect (5)
67.’50s governor Faubus (5)
69.English county (5)
71.Neat (4)
73.Feelings (5)
74. “Mask” star (4)
77.Purpose (4)
78.Tolerable (6)
79.White wine (8)
80.Knickknack cabinets (8)
81.Goes over the limit (7)
84.Kind of market (4,3)
85.Guarantee (7)
88.Mexican mail mode (5)
89.Shrink (5)
90.College heads (5)
91.Dimensions (5)
92.Water holes (5)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.   252)
1.Mortal 6.Pawn 10.Brown 13.Erasure 14.Undergo 15.Doremi 16.Tape 17.Nests 18.Startle 20.I Got It 21.Rife 23.Shrug 25.Ego Trip 28.Appear 31.Abet 33.Seed Money 35.Stolen 38.Saree 39.Madonna 40.Stilts 43.Yentas 44.Mela 45.Oti 46.Genesis 50.Maggi 53.Petruchio 55.Isi 57.Marcopolo 60.Incidence 61.Ist 62.Tradewind 63.Shell 65.Styrene 68.Ehe 70.Nags 72.Opt Out 73.Ararat 75.England 76.Slick 78.Insert 81.Camera Shy 82.Karl 83.Across 86.Long Ear 87.Rents 92.Went 93.Milieu 94.Yangtze 95.Irately 96.Voter 97.Boom 98.Mapped 99.Irksome 100.Eclogue 101.Nahua 102.Road 103.Needer.

Down: 1.Madeira 2.Theatre 3.Leister 4.Gadabout 5.Guttural 6.Peter Pan 7.Nueve 8.Edema 9.Frail 10.Bones 11.Orser 12.Nosegay 22.Fees 24.Hooks 26.Meet 27.Adult 29.Plane 30.Annas 32.Tame 33.Sesamoid Bone 34.Eking 35.Says 36.Omnipotently 37.Elantra 41.Ionic 42.Timid 46.Games 47.Norse 48.Imps 49.Dunes 51.Genre 52.Irene 54.Hairpin 56.Silt 58.Oiler 59.Other 64.Henna 65.Stet 66.Yogic 67.Ninas 69.Hagar 71.Geck 73.Aleut 74.Asha 77.Kane 78.Ill Timed 79.Sendabale 80. Reemerge 81.Caravan 83.Armymen 84.Relapse 85.Shudder 88.Notch 89.Syria 90.Snake 91.Stood 92.Weber.

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