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Gigantika Crossword No - 251

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Time of year (6)    
6.Cut roughly (4)     
10.Combine (5)
13.State on Lake Michigan (7)
14.Impartial (7)
15.Jupiter’s moon (6)
16.Friend (4)
17.Organic compound(5)
19.Replies (7)                    
20.Punch sequence (3,3)
21.Type of frog (4)
23.Emergency signal (5)
25.Outstanding (7)
28. ‘80s arcade game character armed with a shovel and a pump (6)                    
31.Defeat (4)
33.Bring in a new person (9)
35.———maid (6)
38.Civilian dress (5)                    
39.World’s lowest lake(4,3)
40.Vedic god (6)
43.Laced garment (6)                    
44.Remove skin of fruit (4)
45.Single (3)                    
46.Diplomat’s post (7)
50.———-Lumpur (5)
53.Prepared with minced vegetables (9)
55.Nautical direction(3)
57.Bowel (9)
60.Earnings (3,6)
61.Animal house (3)
62.Discotheque (5,4)
65.Moscow landmark(7)
68.Vietnam’s Madame——(3)
70.Omelette ingredients(4)
72.Plot (6)
73.Barley water(6)
75.Longed for (7)
76.Exist (5)
78.Stage remarks (6)
81. ‘——- ——- and the Seven Dwarfs’(4,5)
82.——-Ratnam (4)
83.Go by (6)
86.Kind of exam (3,4)
87.Ocean predator (5)
92.——-phone (4)
93.Chore (6)
94.Extreme (7)
95.Stretching muscle (7)
96.Anticipate (5)
97.Horse’s foot (4)
98.British taste (6)
99.Understanding (7)
100.Pizza spice (7)
101.Observes (5)
102.Always (4)
103.Nervous girl (6)

1.Muscle builder (7)                         
2.Called out loudly (7)
3. “Soul Food” star (7)
4.School worker (8)
5.Sensory organs on the tongue (8)
6.Lab animals  (8)
7.Make the dough (5)
8.Hand bag(5)
9.Avarice (5)
10.Glorify (5)
11.Glutton (5)                       
12.Imprisonment for a long time (7)
22.Styptic agent (4)
24.Hindu god of thunder (5)
26.Popular series ——-Blyton (4)
27.Frame of iron bars (5)
29.Part of the small intestine (5)
30.Bear, in old Rome (5)
32.Melody (4)
33.Trattoria freebie (7,5)
34.Desert animal (5)
35.Toddler (5)
36.————Day-August 15 in India (12)
37.Print making (7)
41.Map detail (5)
42.Fitter of ox frames (5)
46.Long stories (5)
47.Kind of nut (5)
48.Location (5)
49.Sailors (5)
51.Terrible (5)
52.——-Martin (5)
54.Ties up(7)
56.Quarrel (4)
58.Squandered (5)
59.Also called the Sindhu river(5)
64.Salad component (5)
65.Door openers (4)
66.Sell online (5)
67.Notions (5)
69. ——- and lows (5)
71.Dejected (4)
73.Sharad———- (5)
74.American Occupational Therapy Association (4)
77.Hard to find (4)
78.Set one’s goal toward (5,3)
79.Enjoy to excess (8)
80.Ultimate (8)
81.Keep up (7)
83.Essayist (7)
84.Advent (7)
85.Support (7)
88.Split (5)
89.Hawks (5)
90.Declare (5)
91.Chess master Vishwanathan———(5)
92.Little laugh (5)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.  250)
1.Porter 6.Dock 10. Flood 13.Alumnae 14.Narmada 15.Poulet 16.Mute 17.Cream 18.Tableau 19.Elevate 20. Roomer 21.Real 23.Sinon 25.Amateur 28.Sign Up 31.Easy 33.Singapore 35.Editor 38.Notes 39.Magenta 40.Ceases 43.Riddle 46.Etchers 50.Rinse 53.Generated 55.Eno 57.Status Quo 60.Conundrum 61.Leu 62.Stopwatch 63. Eleme 65.Between 68.Mae 70.Aids 72.Ananda 73.Karnak 75.Readers 76.Death 78.Gamete 81.Passwords 82.Ease 83.Skylab 86.Tangelo 87.Brain 92.Bees 93.Pahang 94. Israeli 95.Obtuser 96.Ladoo 97.Noon 98.Anzacs 99.Brocade 100.Tiburon 101.Scene 102.Tito 103.Obeche.

Down: 1.Papyrus 2.Telamon 3.Rat Trap 4.Cupboard 5.Inherent 6.Demurer 7.Kneel 8.Creed 9.Papad 10.Faces 11.Odeon 12.Dominie 22.Assn 24. Impis 26.Rise 27.Egest 29.Inapt 30.Ulnae 32.Yolk 33.Second Chance 34.Roads 35.Ears 36.Indigo Snake 37.Orlando 41.Ashen 42.Enron 46.Ensue 47.Chase 48.Rose 49.Crawl 51.Nurse 52.Eamon 54.Titania 56.Nude 58.Ulema 59.Queen 64.Laura 65.Bare 66.Thank 67.Eirea 69.Arrow 71.Dote 73.Kashi 74.Adds 77.Have 78.Gets Onto 79.Manitoba 80.Treasure 81.Pebbles 83.Soprano 84.Yahtzee 85.Bagasse 88.Addle 89.Niobe 90.Brood 91.Cedar 92.Binet

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