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Gigantika Crossword No - 244

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
By Nita Jaggi

1.Advuce giver (10)
5.Japanese writing style (5)
8.Short, quick run (6)
14.Highflying branch of engineering (9)
16.Tasty tuber (4,9)
17.Fastest land animal (7)
18.Personal interpretation of the Bible  (9)
20.Head of a group of nuns (6,8)
24.Shoulder piece (7)
27.Academic period (8)
29.Halts (5)
30.Bengali poet- ‘Gurudev’(6)
34.Car part (5)
35.Opening night of a film (8)
36.Ocean or City (8)
39.Free (8)
40.Ear doctor’s tool (8)
41.Ancient Mexican (5)
43.Tooth part (6)
45.Roadhouse (5)
49.Red colour (7)
51.Legendary ghost ship (6,8)
54.Machine man (5)
55.Cheap hotel (4,5)
58.Lewd pics (7)
60.Model activity  (8,1,4)
61.Full of vigour (9)
62.Airport helper (6)
63.India’s capital (5)
64.Mix greens (4,1,5)

1.Fortune (6)
2.Steady courage (6,2,5)
3.Disturbed (5)
4.School employee (7)
6.A part of (5)
7.Programming language (4,6)
9. Knee cap (7)
10.Entanglement (9)
11.Lock of hair (5)
12.Cut of beef (7)
13.Expelled (7)
15.Time of day (3)
21.Mortify (9)
22.Not smooth (6)
23.Bank’s benefit (8)
25.Detective’s garment (6,4)
26.Flight attendant (10)
28.Straw (6)
31.Title for Khomeini (9)
32. ‘Happy————-’ (8)
33.European capital (6)
37.Moody person (13)
38.Imitated (6)
42.Forfeit (9)
44.Black-purple drupe (9)
47.Pupil (7)
48.Lasted (7)
50.Turkish tobacco (7)
52.Tools of a mason (7)
53.Enclosed (6)
54.Red flowers, usually (5)
56.Booze (5)
57.Lamb’s mom(3)
59.Wise men (5)

Solution (GIGANTIKA No.  243)
1. With A Straw 5. Store 8. Strays 14.Ratnagiri 16.Presbyterians 17.Ageless 18.North Star 19.Natal 20.Vernier Caliper 24.Lioness 27.Uppercut 29.Strap 30.Settle 34.Manor 35.Godspeed 36.Placemat 39.Diesirae 40.Princess 41.Lithe 43.Noodge 45.Argue 46.Repartee 49.Article 51.I Beg Your Pardon 54.Shoot 55.Exuberant 58.Glimpse 60.Psychoanalyst 61.Predicate 62.Dressy 63.Betty 64.Port Cullis.

Down: 1.Warsaw 2.Title Sequence 3.Awake 4.Trieste 6.Teeth 7.Ruby Throat 9.Toronto 10.Apartment 11.Sisal 12.Sparkle 13.Sterile 15.Inn 21.No Parking 22.Cruddy 23.Patterns 25.Sweetheart 26.Prima Donna 28.Raglan 31.Escalator 32.Aperture 33.Alaska 37.Mother Of Pearl 38.Reseau 42.Articulate 44.Osteocyte 47.General 48.Dynasty 50.Catches 52.Pigment 53.Celebs 54.Sapid 56.Egypt 57.Tap 59.Iliau.

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