Wednesday, April 10, 2019

With exam season in fullswing, Monarose Sheila Pereira examines various perspectives on success from people of all walks of life.

Wendell Rodricks, Fashion Designer, Writer, Activist.
Success to me is happiness in all areas of one’s life. Personal satisfaction with life, lifestyle, relationship and work. Many equate money with success. For me, money is relevant to a point. If one has to measure success it can only be happiness. My success mantras are numerous. Do not have a tunnel vision of your career. There are many opportunities outside one’s main career. Apart from persuing hobbies, there can be parallel careers. I do not consider myself just a designer. I am also a writer, illustrator, activist, social worker, revivalist, traveller, museum curator, researcher, historian. Why should one restrict oneself? Grab every opportunity that comes your way....and then give it your best shot. There is no such thing as “no time”. If one is disciplined, there is time for everything. Embrace the day with happiness and make your life meaningful for yourself and society

Ritambhara Sahni, Belly Dance instructor
I believe success to all is very subjective.  As far as I'm concerned I was born with very old parents. My mother made a great name as she was the chief announcer in All India Radio back then. My father was an exemplary teacher And a man with great outlook and virtue along side being the epitome of knowledge. My insecurities as per my parents stemmed from their poor health and they kept playing on my head.

The fear of not being independent made me work my way to success initially. After achieving success I would fail many times as well. I would feel really bad but not helpless and that would make me fight back. The success I have achieved after a fight over failure is the one that has always made me rise.

Sometimes success has come easy, honestly sometimes it's been accidental but this has not happened always. Of course it's also happened as I have never given up and kept going after my goals. There is no end to success I feel. The day I feel I have succeeded is the day I will be finished. New goals, new struggles, make me want to keep going and keep succeeding. And yes failure has been my biggest teacher to success!!!

Pritam Furtado, Student - MMK College
Success is achieving something that you really want to. One person wont attain success if he has no will or desire to achieve he is just doing it for the sake of doing.Success is achieved with the help of correct planning and working forward to achieving your so said goal. Success may vary from person to person as well. Success is also a satisfaction got by a particular  person. A satisfaction that 'YES! I have done it'.Success is mostly attained through hardwork,
struggles and various difficulties but success can be earned also with playing of minds but neither of it is an easy way as there will be failures. All in all success is reaching to top of the ladder that youve been climbing up.

Kanan Kotak, Student - R D National College
To me, Success is a huge milestone made up of many mini victories and failures.

Success is a grand event one puts on-stage while working back-stage throughout and ensuring that everything is perfect.

Success is a fort built with the bricks of perseverance and the attitude of never giving up.

A successful person never stops after she/he has achieved something; they just aim higher!

Shifa Hadi, Skating Champion
Success has different meaning to different people, for me, success is never stopping, I never stop I am always curious to learn new things be it sports, dance, singing and so on, challenging myself to do things that I find difficult and overcoming my fear by exceling in whatever I do is what I find  success in. Even when I fail it boosts my self confidence and gives me a reason to work even harder, the grin that I see on my parents face when I excel in something is the real success for me!

Marzia Fatima, Yoga trainer
For me success is achievement of an action within a specified period of time within a specified parameter.” OR. “Success can also mean completing an objective or reaching a goal.” In this present world, every other person is able to answer this question because success is different for everyone as according to their perspectives.

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