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Transform learning with a diffusion of technological innovation

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

By Hardik Shah, Director, E-Class Education System Ltd

Technology has touched our lives. It may sound cliched but when we look at it from the view of technology adding more meaning and substance to our lives, the statement may seem even more relevant today. Take for example, the education scenario of India. To say the world of internet and smartphones have made information and knowledge easily accessible, is a fact; but there exists a comprehensible truth beyond this ordinary world of information accessibility.

The rising world of education
The academic system in India is complex. The education system has grown in size and accessibility and so has the need to look inward. When we reach more people,
the requirement to maintain uniform academic standards gets even further highlighted and thus complicated.   

Technology to the rescue
Amid the booming entrepreneur culture of India, the education sector development soon found a perfect match in technology. Because of which the educational boundaries were slowly being wrapped into a single world of quality, affordability and accessibility. A lot of value-addons happened in the academic world, comprising of primary school level up to senior secondary school students.

Children were introduced to new formats of education, teaching them the same classroom chapters in a more engaging and deliberated way. The fundamentals of education were thus revealed. Academic studies were no longer about reading without absorbing the concepts of each subject.

New formats of curriculum-based education embedded in technology, was more relatable and comprehensible.

The Integrated World of Education & Technology
The term is digital learning. Ask any student, from any corner of India, and the prompt reply is that it is easy to study and worthwhile too. Easy because the text-loaded chapters in the books are now presented in student-friendly formats using smartphone or tablet screens. A child may no longer feel tired to read so much. Instead, the concept of each chapter, part of the school curriculum, is explained further in non-bookish language.

A video tutorial is a fresh way of doing studies in many ways. There are many concepts which may not be necessarily text-friendly for a student. Packaged tech capsules like a chapter-on-video from an expert is a perfect substitute. It is easy to consume and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of digital-enabled technology. There is relatable education pattern for students of all age-groups, at various level of courses, and more importantly, there is so much action in form of conversations, discussions and debates – a presentation on each topic of interest. Digital technology is a power-house which enables individuals to improve both their hard and soft skills. A person who is academically knowledgeable appears more confident and forthcoming, thinking ahead of time to make a fulfilling career.

The other crucial factor is-accessibility. Smartphone-enabled academic classes bridge the quality difference, otherwise hindered.

Students in urban cities have greater access to global tutorials and information. ‘Live links’ can be established using video conferencing to debate on matters pertaining to economic matters, thus, narrowing the gap between the developing and the developed world or closing boundaries between Asian countries, for example.

Coming to the interiors of India, where the matter of basic right to education is expanding but still concerning, digital learning may be the key to unlock the real potential. By providing them access to a standard mode of digital education, the enterprising education world is doing a big social service. It not only makes them stay focussed on studying but also helps create an association with school and education in a more relevant way.

Quality education through digital learning encompasses a much wider horizon on a larger scale. First, students have access to the best quality education material. Two, it trains them to acquire skills from a primary education level and thus, make education more understood and relevant to their lives. Third, it makes our education system more full-proof since digital lessons are contemporary not just in the format but in its way of construction.

Like we know, technology is an ever-changing scenario and experts involved in departing education are well-informed and continuously learning by themselves. It is a real-time, on-the-job training and a hands-on-approach for both, the education providers and the students, which will continue to make an impact on about a billion lives.

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