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They deserve cleaner air

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The students of Oxford International School, Kandivli (East), have taken it on their tiny shoulders to shake the world around them from deep slumber and non-chalance. Based on their observation and interaction with the Traffic police, they realized that every time the vehicles ‘smoke’ on the road the traffic police begins to choke.  They move the world of traffic 24/7 while slowly and gradually the fog of pollution squeezes the life out of them. They live their life on road.

Air pollution is a global health issue of growing concern, a major urban dilemma affecting the immune system and respiratory organs of these men who direct 2.7 million vehicles home every day.  There is a need to stop pollution or get ready for elimination.

The students felt that the exposure to environmental pollution for them could be reduced by the small efforts of these students. They see them every day on the roads, being taken for granted, being the target of everyone’s ire, but no one ever stops to think about the problems they go through because of the exposure to the high levels of pollution. With their concerns about the health issues of these traffic policemen, the students formed a team and decided to do their share for providing them cleaner air. They observed that the traffic policemen do not wear the mask provided to them, at all signals .Upon interviewing they were told that the mask were very uncomfortable and inconvenient. So the students decided to make ‘user friendly sustainable’ masks for them to minimize their exposure to pollutants; a mask which could be worn all the time, even while blowing the whistle or talking on walkie-talkies. This act goes a long way to show the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability being inculcated in the students.

The students went to the traffic signals and in their unique way appreciated the efforts of the traffic policemen, who through their sincerity and dedication ensure maximum enforcement of traffic rules and regulation on Mumbai Roads. They distributed the masks prepared by them. The touching gesture of such small students brought smiles on their faces.

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