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The scope of long term career in the Indian livestock Industry and how millenials can be part of this

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
By SV Bhave, Chairman, CLFMA of India

Livestock sector plays an important role in the socio-economic fabric of India. The industry produces high-quality nutritious foods such as milk, meat and eggs and is also a main source of income and employment to millions of rural Indians, particularly women. With a billion-plus population and more than 250 million economically-strong consumers, the domestic demand for protein is increasing rapidly.

Yet millennials have not exhibited enough enthusiasm in an agriculture and livestock career because of poor awareness about the scope of the sector and a wrong perception that the sector lacks entrepreneurial opportunities.

Today’s generation needs to understand the great potential India’s Livestock sector holds. Every industry needs fresh ideas from outside the system to survive and needs next-gen, young and bright minds with clear vision and traits such as grit and perseverance to make a positive contribution to society. The sector is also transitioning into a hi-tech one with increasing usage of innovative technologies including IoT and AI.

It is impossible to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without significant participation and contribution from youth in every aspect. We strongly believe the country’s fast-growing livestock sector offers an ocean of opportunities for those who are willing to explore.

It is important to ensure India’s animal-agribusiness sector attracts the best talent, sparkling brains and skilled hands from different fields and retains them. Traditional business paradigms; entrenched perceptions and outdated practices must pave the way to newer and fresher ideas and concepts that only today’s youth can bring in. Only then innovations can sprout and flourish.

This industry must be seen as one of the preferred career paths by youngsters, who currently lack awareness about the ocean of opportunities available. Every one of us working in the industry must actively step up to create awareness among students who aspire to become tomorrow’s professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders. There is vast scope for all science, economics and management graduates in the industry.

Livestock business owners are indeed gritty entrepreneurs and the sector benefits from formal education, which provides training in basic business operations, marketing, government regulations, labour practices, livestock management, and other pertinent subject matter. Being a livestock farmer is a lifestyle as much as it is a profession, and it can be one of the most satisfying career choices for both men and women.

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