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The block and paths to choosing a career

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
By Hoori Shah

Making a career choice is one of the most important decisions we take in our life. It is a stage where we are about to enter a phase where most of our waking hours are going to be spent at work.

With the multitude of options available around us it can only get more confusing to make the best choice which will be compatible with our interests and aptitude. After all a satisfying career can contribute deeply to one’s life satisfaction.

However deciding what is best for us is often not easy and brings along many challenges.

Problems students may face while making career choices:
Limited information:
There are so many options available today that it is quite difficult to gather each and every bit of information about any field.

Financial resources:
The gap between one’s dream profession and the investments required for the same can be quite daunting for many.

Lack of career counseling:  
Many students are not able to get career counseling which can help them judge the pros and cons of any profession and thus make more informed choices.

Peer pressure:
Most students get tempted into choosing a career path simply because most friends are choosing it. This often takes away the chance of truly knowing the inner calling of the person.

Parental Support:
Some so called non-mainstream professions also create a sense of insecurity in parents regarding the child’s future thus refraining them from extending their support which they would lend otherwise to their children.

Upcoming fields:
Many youngsters nowadays are preferring fields which are yet upcoming and not yet fully established but which may have scope in the future.

Interest vs money:
Some professions may be deeply satisfying for a person but not pay as well as others.

Accesibility of institutions:
Many good institutions may be far of have limited seats and many students tend to give up if they do not get a particular institution of their choice.

Although Career Counseling may definitely be one of the best solutions to the above problems. There are some more things that can be done in addition which can help a student make better decisions.

Things that can be done:

  • Join groups on social media relating to the field you are interested. These groups have people from all over the world who are often willing to share their experiences and answer queries happily for those who need it.
  • Talk to professionals with different levels of experience in the field. This will give you an idea of realistic current trends as well as the long term scope of the field you are looking at.
  • Take up short term courses where possible to judge your own interest in the field. This will definitely serve as an add on to your resume as well.
  • After all an extra qualification will never go waste.
  • Intern with experienced professionals in the field and get first hand experience. This will give you a real life feel of the profession which may often be different from what you may have imagined.
  • Do your own research about the latest and future trends of the profession. We have so many resources today that we owe ourselves to do some homework about our interests.
  • Read relevant magazines as it will give you a broad idea of all the possible options in a field and you never know you may end up making a better choice.

In conclusion, with all the above options students can indeed take responsibility and seek professional guidance as well as do the above in addition so that they can have a passionate work life and make their dreams come true.

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