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Prepare wisely for your JEE Main entrance exam with these tips

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

From April 2, the JEE Main-2017 exams will be held. The pressure of these examinations will be troubling the students. Here, Ramesh Batlish, FIITJEE Expert, solves some questions that may disturb the students and shares some responses with Afternoon D&C...

What to do NOW?
You have done everything you could have. On the last day keep attempting questions from the source you have been using so far. No need to browse through books. In order to evaluate your current preparedness, you are advised to attempt previous year’s papers or join a Short Contact Program as a Crash Course.  This will help you quickly revise through all topics in a competitive environment. Additionally you may take up mock tests online on the portal and access your strengths and weaknesses. Try and relax by reading newspaper/ magazines etc. Go for a walk in the evening but avoid eating outside. Stay healthy as this also contributes towards your performance.

The competition is stiff. Can I make it?
The competition is stiff for everybody. Whether you make it or not cannot be predicted. What you should be thinking at this time is not whether you will make it or not but how to give your best with the preparation you have done.

What if the paper is tough?
The important issue is to always maximize your performance. This means irrespective of the nature of the paper you must do all those questions, which you know of. If you do that you don’t have to worry because the paper is tough for everybody.

If the pattern changes what do I do?
All the information about the nature of the paper, which has been revealed before, will remain unchanged. Inspite of this be prepared for some changes. This means expect changes to happen. Your strategy etc. need not change.

There are a couple of things that I had not done properly. Shall I do them now?
NO! Don’t do anything now that you have not done in the last one or two years. Just do some questions or revise formulae/scientific names etc. that you have done before.

My friends know more than me. How do I stand the chance of succeeding among them?
Selection in any entrance exam is based on 50% knowledge base, analytical base and memory while the other 50% is being able to do all you can do in the exam. Talent is important; converting talent into result is vital. You can’t control your friend’s performance. But you can certainly control yours. If you do your best you won’t have anything to complain about.

Is there anything else to keep in mind on the eve of the exam?

  • Don’t stay awake late into the night. Be in bed by 10 or 10:30 p.m and make this a habit at least 30 days before the exam.
  • Have a light dinner.
  • You may not be able to fall asleep immediately. It is OK.
  • Don’t wake up too early. The exam starts at 09:00 a.m. reach the centre at least 45 min before the exam. Plan the amount of time it will take to reach there. Give some time for car/bus breakdown etc. You also need time to get ready. Wake up accordingly.
  • Have a light breakfast like sandwich etc. Don’t go on an empty stomach or a full stomach.
  • Remember to carry your Admit Card, blue or black ballpoint pens, pencils, erasers etc.
  • Remember to carry your wristwatch.
  • Don’t discuss any subject related things with friends.
  • Don’t carry any books or notebooks to the exam.
  • Stay away from students who are doing last minute revision in the exam center.
  • Remember to read the instructions carefully in the question paper.
  • Just go and do the best you can.
  • Be mentally ready for various uncertainties. So, you need to keep your cool under all circumstances and need to do your best. Take all possible precautionary measurements. And most importantly believe in yourself.

Cracking JEE (Main) 2017

  • Complete knowledge of the JEE (Main) syllabus.
  • Sound analysis of the exam.
  • Changing pattern of the exam in last few years.
  • Right strategy for the exam
  • Confidence to crack it.
  • Most importantly don’t panic, No one is perfect. Stay calm on the exam day and give your best performance.
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