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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sugandha Vohra, F.Y.B.MS student, Jai Hind College pens her perception of college festivals and sheds light on the issues surrounding them

In today’s era, we have access to almost anything and everything via the  internet or even otherwise. Boundaries have shortened and globalisation is at its peak. Our idea of entertainment has completely changed. College students, having almost anywhere to go to, have widened their perceptions about recreation. Consequently, the culture of college fests seems to be dying out.

I entered Jaihind College this year itself, and was almost as excited as any other First Year student would be for the clichéd college life. I had plans to make my college fest bigger than it had ever been in its own history.

But when I started working for my college festival, I realised the lack of enthusiasm among students and everyone related to the fest. This was mainly because of the many things that the students could now put their hands into besides the usual college fests.We saw lagging interest on the part of sponsors and anyone for that matter that we sought money from. Companies no more consider college fests as a lucrative platform to market themselves due to presence of internet which has now a global reach.

We also tried to get the media on board to promote our festival, much to their reluctance. Media houses were not very keen to give us any space in their newspaper. Understandably, fest coverage is meant for young readers who apparently don’t have time or the appetite to read the newspaper.

Certain college fests speak for themselves and need no pitching, but some fests , which are still in their initial years and are trying to make a place for themselves on the wall of ‘fests’, have a long way to go. But even after all the obstacles and nuisances that the college students have to go through, they manage to conduct their fest with flying colours.

Fests may seem pretty easy-going from the outside and may lack a sense of professionalism, but they are a far cry from what they seem. A fest functions a lot like an organisation working on a rather small scale. There are departments which focus on marketing, finance, public relations and all such sorts of aspects. Marketing is one of the most difficult departments to work in, as people are very reluctant to shell out money for college endeavours. Irrespectively, college students buckle down to the best of their abilities to get in the money to get started.

College fests also call for a lot of innovation on the part of students to organise events that have never been seen or thought of, to be remembered as milestone ideas. The Public Relations department works a lot on contacts and cajoling conversations. The gentry that attends the college festival says a lot about it. Thus calling the best college crowds and celebrities is a must to make the festival the talk of the town. Media is also very essential as it gives your festival the much required publicity to make it a hit. Celebrities and media go hand-in-hand.

One turns up only when the other does. It is a difficult task to draw media attention towards these festivals as they have bigger stories to cover. Even though we are seeing a shift in the college conduct, a fest is a must in the lives of college students as it teaches students a lot about how the outer world works but in a protected environment.

College fests give students a lifetime of memories to cherish and lessons to take home. It gives them a platform to showcase their plethora of talent out in the open. Whether good at extra-curricular or a master of the mind, a fest has a place to accommodate every student at their discretion.

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