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Make education more practical

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today’s education needs to adapt to the times to be of use to the students in the future. Therefore it is important to link it to more practical knowledge. Various educationists voice their opinions

Educationists want the education system to be more practical, notes Monarose Sheila Pereira.

Madhuri D’Souza, Head Mistress, Supari Tank English Medium School says, “Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “I was born intelligent, but education ruined me!” I can’t help but agree to his words now when I reflect on the education system incorporated in our country. Education should be practical and activity based where a child enjoys learning and imbibes a few more things based on his/her experience which may inspire more curiosity and the thirst to know more. Learning is what you understand, not what you can master word perfect from the books. Interest based education is also a healthy way of educating. Evaluate a student’s interest and nurture and champion him towards his chosen domain; for in that he will excel.

Rebecca Maryann, Course Coordinator, St. Paul’s Institute of Communication Education (SPICE)
Today's generation is more clear and specific about the kind of education they want to pursue. It's more like breaking your stereotype and turning your passion into your career. The education system needs to upgrade as per the industry requirements so that the knowledge provided to the student is more relevant and practical. Our courses have an industry-connect and so the student is job ready and has an edge over other students.

Shridhar Naik, College Visiting faculty
Dependence on exams should be eradicated. Students should be divided into smaller groups and have interactive sessions with the faculty, with greater emphasis on practical work. Assessment should be based on participation in group discussions, research assignments, presentations etc. This is a practical way of empowering students.

Dr. Sangeeta Makkad, HOD, Lala Lajpat Rai College Of Commerce and Economics
I suggest we should include skill development programmes, more experiential learning, industry-academia liaison, alumni taking strong positive steps in providing inroads to knowledge and skill sharing and more stress on UG level and higher education to sync with changing demands of the market.

Taranjeet Kaur Chawla, Professor for MA students
Make education practical. Students find it difficult to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world. One can be taught how to use a camera through books but cannot execute if never taught practically. Make education understandable. In a world where using fancy words and jargons is a trend, imparting real meaning is lost. Update educational curriculum with changes in the world. Education must enhance the potential of children rather than force them to abide by rigid norms. Education should not clutch to its old systems because they were effective in the past. Make students world-ready not corporate-ready. A world- ready student is versatile enough to handle anything.

Kanchan Luthra, Asst. Professor, Ghanshyamdas Saraf College
Teachers should include a lot of practical assignments, assignment that help them understand the application of the concept taught in class. The attitude and approach towards learning also had to change. Today it is only about getting the degree. The approach is exam centric rather than learning centric. It is only education not knowledge feel we are sending a bunch of disabled students to the industry. It is shocking that a child studies the whole syllabus, but a graduating student requires a question bank.

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