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Learning beyond textbooks

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

By Vidushi Daga, CEO, Clone Futura & WHIZ Juniors

We all know that the use of technology is increasing rapidly: Many schools and colleges are in the process of adapting technical devices in their classroom learning process. This helps them to support and monitor the growth of each child individually. The process of learning and development is easier with technology, not only classrooms but there are various platforms wherein you can learn and teach simultaneously. These platforms consist of mobile applications, web pages, YouTube etc.

Technology has played a positive role in the overall growth, development and learning of children in today’s day and age. This positive role can only be monitored if the provided service is used in the apt and correct manner. This has also lead to creation and innovation in learning. It also helps in grasping knowledge. Unlike physical classrooms, online learning is flexible and students from different geographical locations can attend the same class with no need of travelling from any location. It is effective for both students and teachers. Everything has pros and cons, so does technology, if you use it in correctly and in the ethical manner it will benefit you or else will lead you in trouble.

According to the surveys conducted by educational department many teachers confirmed that the use of technical devices such as tablets or whiteboards has increased the engagement of students in their classroom sessions. Additionally, technology also gives teachers the ability to design unique learning environments for children. This is because the use of technical devices allows teachers to bring new resources in the classroom and provide children with much more interactive and innovative experiences of using applications, watching gamified courses or solving educative puzzles/ quizzes online.

When we talk about teaching methods, our society divides into three groups; one group favors the traditional teaching methods, second group favors modern teaching methods and third group is the one who supports the combination of both for effective learning. While discussing about traditional and modern methods we will also find a lot of variations. First and foremost, in traditional methods we have a class teacher who takes classes and teach us with her physical existence. She is the one who monitors the activity of each student, identifies their problem and also finds a solution to it. Students completely rely on the subject notes, textbooks and the lectures which hardly allow them to interact and share ideas in the classroom. Whereas, in the modern method of teaching, blackboard classrooms are transforming into digital classrooms. In which the lectures are taken over projectors and smart devices. In this method students are exposed to technologies which helps them learning effectively, helps them in exchanging ideas and allows interactions among students.

Combining traditional and modern methods can lead to effective teaching. Here is how we can include both:
1    Blackboard and projectors can be used simultaneously in a classroom; for teaching complex mathematical equations teacher can use blackboard while theoretical subjects can be taught on a projector with the help of slides.

2    Practical subjects can also be taught best with the help of combination of both traditional and modern teaching methods. Teacher can explain the theory on a blackboard and for better understanding of the procedure of the experiment videos or animations can be used.

3    There is also another aspect through which we can combine both traditional and modern teaching methods for better teaching. Teachers can teach the subject first through traditional methods and then can take the help of modern teaching methods for revising the subject.

The main motive of the education is to build the overall character and to bring the all-round development of the students. So, for achieving better results in effective learning combination both Traditional and Modern method is necessary.

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