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India becomes an educational hub for international students!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Since the golden era of India, thousands of years ago scholars & students have always flocked to India to discover its glorious heritage, culture & customs. RSS Mani, Vice President - Institutional Development, ITM group of Institution explains the reasons on why India continues to be a much favored destination for international students

Variety of Learning Areas
Our INDIAN education system is so robust and well designed across multidisciplinary streams .One could pursue courses in Social Sciences, Mass Media, Music, Sanskrit or Microbiology ,Nuclear Science & such ..As is obvious, the breadth of the courses is infinite and there is plenty of depth to cover due to the plenty of research already done in these areas.

Availability of Teachers (Experts)
India had always placed the GURU & teacher on a pedestal and hence teaching & academics are respected professions. Hence we have many teachers & experts in various domains and they become willing guides and gurus to those seeking knowledge.

"Atithi Devo Bhava"
This spirit of hospitality is unique & unparalleled. Thus every student who comes to India for studies finds himself/herself warmly welcomed. Further student hostels, chimeras & shared accommodation too are easily available. Besides the variety of food options available in India are very diverse and can satisfy any palate.

Cost Effective
The Indian education system has always been subsidized and never too expensive. Further, the dollar being stronger than the rupee has always been an advantage to those coming in from the western parts of the world. The availability of scholarships and grants to has made the educational journey more affordable

HIGH Standard & quality of education:
It is widely accepted that quality of educational institutions is matchless and can compare with the best in the world .institutions like the IIT, IIM, ISB, ISRO, TIFR, AIIMS, AFMC, IISER, IIST, TISS are acknowledged as temples of learning worldwide.The number of universities and institutions of higher education that offer courses in science and technology are large and of high caliber. It is this superior quality of education that is incomparable that draws students from far & near to India. It would be right to say that we would be the first chosen country in South East Asia for educational quality.

To conclude, India has always been & will continue to be a hub for educational opportunities for students from across the globe. The cross cultural & cross country integration of students is something that enriches our educational system even more. Besides the warm & hospitable way of life is India is unique and shall always be a major attraction to students. This healthy mix is unique and we cannot let go of this unique advantage and position that we as a country have.

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