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How to ace your campus recruitment interviews

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

By Dr. (Col) John Chenetra
President, SecUR Credentials

An organization, just like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link. It’s for this reason precisely that companies expend their invaluable resources in the setting up of various processes, allowing them to attract, screen, and retain the very best talent that their respective industry has to offer. This is done knowingly since an effective screening process which meticulously segregates exceptional individuals from the average, incompetent, or malicious ones, pays handsomely as far as returns on investment go.

A stringent background verification process helps companies avoid serious threats such as fraudsters and criminals who not only pose a serious threat to the company’s financial security but also directly affect its reputation. Fraud isn’t merely limited to individuals; it often includes or involves seemingly legitimate organizations, through the issuing of fake employment or education certificates.

As a job seeker who possesses the qualities that employers are looking for, there’s an excellent chance you’ll be considered for the vacancy. At the end of the day, irrespective of how rigorous, complex and professional the recruiting process might be, your candidacy boils down to two important questions: “Can this person be an asset to my company? and “Is this person who he says he is?”

Here are some qualities that employers actively look for in all job applicants, and how they identify the authenticity of this information:

Personality is the sum total of their attitudes, goals, demeanor, integrity, initiative and a host of other qualities like assertiveness, nurturing ability, optimism that only a skilled recruiter can properly determine. This is ascertained through personal interviews supplemented by Social Media Screenings, Credit Score Reviews, Character References and most importantly Psychometric Testing. If an employee’s personality and culture matches the values held in high regard by that company, their prospects for recruitment are phenomenal.

Qualifications And Experience
At junior levels, a candidate’s educational qualifications are a primary factor in determining their job prospects, while experience takes precedence at more senior levels. To verify the validity of candidates’ claims, recruiters often reach out to the candidates’ alma maters and past employers as well as scroll through any past records of the employee’s tenure at any organisations in the public domain. During the interview process, however, recruiters look for instances where decision making skills and risk taking ability is displayed. This puts a candidate at a higher chance of getting hired.

Communication Skills
Strong communication skills are extremely important for any endeavour involving other people and form the very basis of certain departments like HR, sales and customer service among others. Empathy, listening skills and enthusiasm are just some of the communication skills which can only be assessed during a personal interview by observing the candidate closely.

General Awareness
General knowledge and the awareness of current issues is always a plus point in any candidate’s favour, not simply as a sign of high intelligence, but also as an indication of level of initiative to learn, alertness and a thirst for knowledge. These qualities, in turn, are reflective of a willingness to adapt to a changing environment. Many recruiters often ask candidates for their opinion on specific political, business, social, technological, or industry specific occurrences, to determine how well informed they are about the issues of the day. Thus, it is always helpful to read up on current affairs before a major job interview.

Technical Skills
We live in an age of information, where technology is more widespread and easily accessible than ever. Employers expect candidates to be well versed in basic computing processes such as MS Word, Power Point and Excel, while more specialised job roles may require proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro to name a few. In this regard, employers often test the applicant’s abilities or skills in addition to asking for work samples and certification from accredited universities.

This being said, recruiters not only look for technical knowledge but the ability to think outside the box. Big picture thinking goes a long way in securing a place in the minds of the recruiter because they are interested in hiring talent and not machines.

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