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Home, sweet 'Home-School'

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

While the State Government has launched a new board for Home-schooling, people from various walks of life share their opinion on this new concept with Monarose Sheila Pereira

Maharashtra has given the green signal for home-schooling and has launched a new board for the same. Maharashtra government's move to start an Open Educational Board for the students from Class 5 to Class 12 to benefit the home schooling in the state. Education Minister Vinod Tawde has said in a Tweet that the Maharashtra Rajya Mukta Vidyalay Mandal is a platform for athletes, artists, Divyang, seniors and anyone who wishes to continue their academic journey while pursuing others interests and obligations surpassing all hurdles. Home-schooling is a very common concept in some developed nations but it is a new concept in India. Let us analyze the various angles to this concept.

Sharon Menezes, Ex Sharon Menezes, Ex Course Coordinator, MMK College
Home-schooling is an advantage for students who are creative and good at sports and arts and who need to dedicate more time to practicing their sport or art form. Home-schooling will require dedicated parents or a tutor who is able to encourage the students’ all round development in an informal manner in an informal environment.  Home-schooling allows for more creative classes, field trips, practical volunteer activities and hands on experiences which can be extremely interactive and thus an enriching learning experience for the student. In our individualistic modern world, a drawback to homeschooling can be lack of interaction with peers and other students of a similar age group and this could hinder the student’s social development. However, this can be countered by organizing outdoor activities and practical interactive sessions with other students so that the student is able to assimilate social skills.

Home-schooling has its advantages in the sense that you can choose the best way your child needs to be educated.  It is popular in many countries. It works well in these countries as there are facilities available like libraries, sports opportunities, play grounds, various art groups to develop talents etc. In India I am not sure these facilities exist and hence the all-round growth of the student is hampered. With home-schooling the entire spectrum of social interaction at different levels is excluded and social skills are very important to succeed in life. A child in school learns how to interact with their peers and seniors, their teachers and staff. It lays the foundation to being a good citizen and member of society.

Fr Reuben Tellis, Manager, St Aloysius School
Every policy has its pros and cons. I believe the same applies to the Maharashtra government’s decision to encourage home-schooling. The idea to introduce biological parents as the teachers will depend on how equipped they are to deal with the challenges normally faced by regular teachers. I am of the opinion that in a regular school environment children learn to relate with other students, even of different economic strata, which will not happen in home-schooling. There is also a tendency for the child who is being home taught to procrastinate. While the intentions are to encourage artists and sportspersons through home-schooling my concern is the lack of connect with others to value collaboration and cooperation.

Ritesh Haldankar, Assistant Professor, Life Skills and Communications, NMIMS
Home-schooling is a progressive idea and a positive move towards imparting alternative medium of education in India. I personally feel this initiative will widen the scope of educating children across borders of the state. I also foresee flexibility in the way education could be provided at home. Having said this, I firmly believe that education should and must progress towards continuous development and improvement of individuals in an educated and scientific society; focusing primarily on adapting and appreciating uniqueness of the self and others; maintaining a global mindset.

Jack Dinis, Student, St. Paul Institute Of Communication Education
For me public school or a private school is better than home-schooling because firstly your child gets individualized education at home. Secondly, your kid might miss his friends and feel lonely, and also might have difficulties to get into extracurricular activities. Home-schooled children won’t be around many other kids, so they won’t experience the same process of socialization. The parents need to spend lot of time at home with their kids. Everyone has to spend 10 to 15 years at school and we cannot get that feeling at home. As for me, my education institutes are my second home, which is the best place to learn and to have fun.

Jessica Kaur Nagpal, Student, R.D. National College
I feel this move is a step towards progress. I've seen multiple students who have missed tournaments and important matches because of small school assignments or tests. Parents also put pressure on them to score good marks in academics, along with good performance on the field. It becomes incredibly difficult to manage both. We need to encourage the young sportspersons and artists of our country. This is also a great move for handicapped students since they can receive education in a comfortable space for them.

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