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Exploring Career Opportunities in Blockchain Tech

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

By Mr. Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO & Co-Founder, Unocoin

The New Year 2018 has been seemingly favourably predisposed for the blockchain tech. While there is a consistent increase in the number of blockchain start-ups, the government is also warming up to adopting the technology. For instance, the Andhra Pradesh government has commenced pilot programs adopting blockchain tech in two departments, further planning to deploy the technology in various departments. Furthermore, at the time of unveiling the Union Budget 2018, the Finance Minister of India, Mr. Arun Jaitley, gave a positive nod to the blockchain tech, also revealing government’s interest in exploring this technology in streamlining, expediting and securing a wide gamut of functions.

With blockchain attracting such mainstream attention and prominence, the technology is going to play a prominent role in shaping up the products and services of tomorrow. The same would also transcend to define the future of job market, potentially creating a significant pool of employment avenues for the workforces of tomorrow.

Understanding the Blockchain Tech & its Opportunities
In simplest of words, blockchain is defined as a set of continuous records – aka blocks, that are linked together via cryptography. Hitherto, the technology has been widely adopted for recording and safeguarding crypto-assets transactions. However, the scope and utility of the technology is not limited to the same.

For instance, the blockchain’s ability to record any transaction and keep those records immutable is of valuable importance to the burgeoning Banking & Finance sector. Furthermore, since this technology brings in decentralization and bypasses the need for an intermediary to authenticate transactions, the same can be used for expediting a number of functions, such as remittances & cross-border payments. In addition to banks and the financial sector, blockchain start-ups are going to be one amongst the leading employers for the talent. Several ICOs and crypto-assets start-ups have a huge demand for the talent pool trained in blockchain tech. In addition to start-ups, large technology conglomerates are also looking out for the talent pool that is well-trained in blockchain development. Several established enterprises like IBM and Microsoft are supporting blockchain tech by providing “blockchain as a service.”

Skills that matter
It is clear that as the blockchain tech continues to evolve and become an integral part of the enterprises of future, certain skillsets will be greatly required. To be specific, skills pertaining to blockchain development, programming, cryptography and cyber-security are extremely important for the aspirants to land their dream job in the vertical.

Furthermore, as Indians continue to invest in digital assets, various crypto-currency exchanges would also require blockchain developers, coders, UI/UX developers, and cyber-security experts etc., in order to support and secure the scale of these platforms.

In essence, the rise of blockchain tech can only be sustained with the availability of people that have a strong command over technology. Having strong programming skills, perhaps being well-versed in two languages, would definitely help claiming the desired job. At the same time, aspirants should be willing and curious to learn different facets of the blockchain, and demonstrate skills or understanding of the fundamentals of bitcoin, an overview of Ethereum or running an Eris node.

Grasping New Skills
When it comes to grasping the skills required for making their place in the wide world of blockchain tech, programmers, coders, and developers are not left alone. They can access a number of online portals and platforms that provide courses and certifications, helping them grasp the new and important skills. For instance, one can browse through Coursera and find different courses on crypto-currency and bitcoin. Cryptoversity is another online learning portal that focuses on building a strong talent pool of blockchain experts. Being part of the blockchain community, and investing in self-education via online platforms will enable aspirants to create a strong career in the field of blockchain tech and crypto-assets.

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