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Digital learning becomes a break through for parents

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Students who wants to go beyond classroom curriculum prefers digital learning as it is not only efficiency but also student-friendly.

Eighty per cent of Indian parents are often worried about their child’s different development stages, which include physical growth, cognitive growth, and social growth. Every parent faces the same issues and worries about the developmental milestones for kids. Children develop at their own pace; therefore parents are unable to find out if children can meet the milestones required for their age. Developmental milestones give a general idea of the changes to expect as a child gets older. Many parents take efforts to make conscious investments in their child’s journey of progress, but the paucity of curated content, the lack of standardized learning milestones, are some of the common challenges they face.

Due to the scarcity of age-appropriate and developmental-milestone-based content, parents are largely unaware of which videos, tutorials and music they should select for their child’s engagement. Thus, parents depend on school education and expect kids to master different skills from their schools. However, both home and school are important for their learning, and the two need to work in tandem for a child’s holistic growth.

The solution: Digital learning tools
Anxious parents can now heave a sigh of relief as technology has done wonders in the education system by offering solutions that can be customized as per every child's needs and capability. The tools are designed to enable children to acquire optimal skills and qualities as per their developmental milestones. The advent of digital learning tools has enabled personalized, engaging and interactive learning for kids. Activities can be developed according to the child’s potential, which allows for encouragement and enhancement. In this way, students can understand their strong and weak areas and gain the confidence to work on the sections where they need improvement. Digital learning tools help students learn the importance of physical fitness, get involved in outdoor activities and imbibe good socio-emotional values.

These tools also enable children to access information anytime, anywhere. Parents can engage their kids in intellectually stimulating activities and help children develop real-world skills, all at the click of a button. Kids and parents have a ton of options to choose from. They no longer need to worry about kids wasting time during their summer holidays or during the weekends. With safe, secure and engaging learning environments provided by the digital learning tools, parents can hand over their phones or tablets to their children without having to worry about explicit content, irrelevant ads or pop-ups.

Thanks to the seamless internet and high speed data connectivity now at everyone’s disposal, young ones are able to make the right use of technology and improve their logical and creative thinking skills. They are also able to develop life skills, master communication abilities as well as hone math-learning skills, through puzzles and videos that are supremely enjoyable. Digital tools have brought about a revolutionary effect on learning and have helped children to make use of technology more effectively. These digital solutions allow two-way interaction, where a child can ask questions and get prompt replies. With real-time solutions, children can sharpen their knowledge in a better way, as they are now able to learn the concepts in an effective manner.

Parents need not worry about the results here. Digital learning tools have enabled immediate feedback, where parents can observe their child’s progress periodically. Thus, digital learning tools are helping in the overall development of a child and transforming how parents deal with kids in an impressive way.

(Written by Manoj Barot - Director Marketing,

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