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Creativity can also bring you a better career

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
By Avi Keswani

Creativity is something which often looks like trouble in a young and unharnessed mind, but the truth is creative people are the most curious, they are lifelong learners. They never tap into their creativity to know something from time to time, in their bid to be smarter. They are constantly probing, thinking, wondering, dreaming. So, it is always a good idea to be creative and to let your creativity prevail.

Some jobs are creative in nature, if an individual is an artist a fashion designer or a copywriter at an advertising firm, they are more likely to spend their days immersed in art. Other jobs are more practical and technical and involve long days spent in front of a computer or answering the phone.

It goes without saying that success requires long hours, but uninspired drudgery doesn’t amount to much. Passion may provide the fuel and commitment, hours are key drivers of expertise and skills necessary for success.  But creativity turns the key. It kicks off the ignition, allows one to access that fuel and, by seeing problems as opportunities, allows gaining momentum in ways. This is the reason why educational institutions tend to favor intelligence over creativity because it’s more quantifiable and a bigger predictor of success in the long run.

Creativity means thinking about new things or thinking in new ways. It is “thinking out of the box.” Creativity often involves what we call as lateral thinking, or the ability to perceive patterns that are not obvious. Learning creativity is akin to learning a sport. As it strengthens with practice, it involves a lot of practice to develop the right muscles and a supportive environment.

Being creative also makes one more employable. As a person, they are more interesting. For instance, suppose two candidates have applied for the same job position, both have graduate degrees and ace resumes. But one of them has a passion for painting and music. And the other seems to have no hobbies. Which one is more likely to be hired? It’s probably the former because being creative makes you a fascinating person.

One should always choose a career of their interest but at the same time should embrace the creative part of themselves. Whether one adopts a hobby like painting or embrace the creative art of brainstorming, they will be a more employable person, happier, and even be able to focus more.

If a person aspires toward a creative career, they can reach success by seeking out opportunities for learning and using various other resources to spread the word about what they do.

Creativity brings you some good and niche career prospects like one can work as an architect if they have an excellent drafting and designing skills. A successful architect possesses high levels of imagination, creativity, and vision. A writer expresses his feelings through the written word and to emotionally touch their readers. An illustrator uses his creative skills to draw or design a story, message or an idea. They usually work with an editorial team for a magazine, in advertising agencies creating & designing animations, websites or video games. As a musician one can work professionally as a composer, session musician, music therapist or a choir/orchestra conductor. A Dancer usually conveys a message and express their feelings by performing in front of a live audience, on television, in a film or video. A professional makeup artist is immensely creative and artistic and enjoys experimenting with ideas, different colors and materials.  Their work also requires a lot of imagination in order to achieve the desired makeup effect. An advertiser’s work involves creating original and engaging content for advertisements through a range of formats. As an advertiser one has several career options they can choose from, such as brand management, direct marketing, event management, marketing communications. A photographer uses his artistic skills to capture the perfect snapshot and puts his imagination into practice. In order to be an excellent photographer, one would need an attention to detail, good editing skills and creativity.

Designers make original creations that have a practical or aesthetic purpose. They create clothing, accessories, and footwear. For each product, they choose fabrics, colors, and patterns that are practical and have aesthetic appeal. Graphic designers visually communicate ideas and messages for commercial or promotional purposes. They usually work for an art director or for a client directly. Interior designers plan and furnish the insides of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. They often work with architects, engineers, and builders. One can progress in life with such career opportunities if they are ready to hone their creative skills.

“If you think creativity is only for artists, think again. People use creativity every day in all kind of ways, whether to tell a story, to doodle something or to try a new recipe. For some people, creativity is an essential part of their work. To be creative is the most exciting thing one can do. It is as necessary to me as eating and breathing, “says Ms. Avi Keswani, Co-founder and Director of the CREO Valley and LISAA School of Design.

The creative process often starts with a spark of inspiration. It can come at any time and from anywhere, such as from an event, nature or people. But inspiration alone is not enough for creating. Creativity requires hard work and patience to turn ideas into a viable output. One can increase their chances of success through planning, assessing and revising to reflect in their work.

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