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Building an eco-friendly career

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Anil Chowta, CEO of ECOSAC, talks to Monarose Sheila Pereira about how his career is preserving the environment

What inspired you to take up this career path?
I was very concerned about the environment. I founded ECOSAC in 2013, with a vision to make available an eco-friendly, user-friendly yet affordable alternative to plastic. The government authorities have been in overdrive towards their goal of a ‘100 percent plastic free Maharashtra’, issuing notices to manufacturers as well as citizens. While the ban serves the cause of killing the Plastic Monster, citizens as well as retailers face a challenge in coping up with finding an equivalent alternative to plastic. We wish to support the government and people in eradicating the usage and the menace plastic has been creating.

How did you achieve your goal?
ECOSAC- Utility Bags are here to amplify the ban by serving as the perfect alternative to plastic bags used for shopping, travel and day-to-day utilities. Eco-friendly, economical, fashionable and trendy, highly durable, sturdy, washable (consuming very less water), reusable and can last a minimum of three years, these bags are made in India. From being a product of latent need in its launching years, the company today witnesses a surge of almost 500% in the sale of his utility bags, further to the government’s recent ban on plastic. The idea is to eradicate the use of plastic bags and the menace it has been creating. With the government’s recent ban on plastic, this project seems viable.

What difficulties did you face?
The difficulty was in convincing people to switch to a more environmental friendly product. With almost zero acceptance from retailers for this product to a high demand story, I hope my revolutionary idea will do well do its bit for the environment and in the Indian retail sector.

How did you overcome this difficulty?
It is important to make people understand the concept. I tried to educate the people and retailers about the concept of using environmentally friendly products. I gave them statistics and over a period of time, they have understood the need for environmental products. I am a firm believer in environmentalism, aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating plastic bags from entering into the environment. If the concept of ‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse‘ has to be defined, then the bags are the perfect example, as also the perfect solution for consumers and retailers towards the government’s ban on plastic.

What message do you have for students?
The youth must consider a career in preserving the environment. There are ample opportunities available today. My message to the youth and students is - With the threat of looming man-made environmental catastrophe survival of plant, animal, nature and human species is in danger.  There is an urgent need to employ sustainable, reusable and recyclable methods to reduce the thrash that we have generated over the last few decades.  This also provides a window of opportunity to our youth today to evolve and develop new technologies, methods, processes and systems that help contain if not reverse the ecological imbalance.  It is a slow process but it has to start somewhere and who better than the youth of India to embrace this rising opportunity. Today environmental studies offer several good career opportunities.

What statistics and research did you use to convince people?
The world is expected to consume around 5 trillion plastic bags a year – i.e. about 1 million bags a minute. With this innovative product, the ratio of consumption can be reduced down to 1 Ecosac bag : 1000 plastic bags, considering the amount of plastic bags consumed over three years, which is the average lifespan of our bags. These bags are a perfect key to address needs and convenience of shopping, travelling and packaging. The bags are manufactured in Sholapur and Delhi in India, out of parachute fabric which is highly durable, sturdy, washable, reusable, trendy and colorful and can last a minimum of three years. Highly convenient and lightweight (40 grams per bag), the bag can be folded and carried inthe pocket.

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