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Women at work

Thursday, March 14, 2019

A LARGE number of women will drive the state transport buses. This will happen in no time at all. The state has asked for applications from women and have already it has received a little less than a 1,000 applications. As many as 809 women have appeared for selections and 743 have passed the tests. The number of women along with men who will be driving around will 36,000. And in the state transport buses, there are 34,000 conductors.
Women conductors already recruited are 4,500. There is vacancy for 2,400 women drivers. If the pay of women is the same as that of men drivers, there will be more women who will apply for the driver’s job. Time was we could not think of women becoming drivers of big buses.

Women are seen in more tough jobs. Their physical strength can cope with difficult tasks as well as that of man. They are now doing jobs which were up to now regarded as only below that of men. They will soon be seen in flying planes too. Actually men are worried their chance of getting jobs is slipping fast. now the situation is: anything man can do, women can do equally well.

Are they becoming independent? Except in the countryside, elsewhere the desire to get them married off is becoming less. Many want to stand on their own. They are now posing a big competition for men - changing the family scenario.

The change is seen more in the cities. In work, they excel themselves. In big, restaurants - catering to the rich - women get a better chance for employment. Today, there are women with top education and experience, who get top jobs. And there are restaurants with a cent per cent women as employees.

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