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With victory over attachment, you find unlimited enjoyment

Friday, June 08, 2018

With victory over attachment, you find unlimited enjoyment, naturalness automatically arises in you, and you can succeed in any work. There is no use getting entangled in the abilities and successes you gain after winning over attachment. So you achieved some success – say you became an expert veena player. If you hold onto the thought that nobody plays the veena better than I do, your ego gets bigger, and when you meet someone who plays the veena better than you, jealousy starts. Your calm poise and cheerfulness vanish.

When you see someone close to you talk with someone else and smile at him, your stomach churns because you feel that he should speak only to you and to no one else. What do they keep an eye on? If one smiles at someone else, the other suspects he is thinking about that person. They wonder whether their mind is being distracted, and they try to bind each other’s mind. You cannot even control your own mind! Why do you try to control the mind of others? “Mohajayadanantabhogat” – When you win victory over attachment, you find unlimited enjoyment. The satisfaction that we feel when you accomplish something through attachment is very little. “Mohajayadanantabhogat” – your happiness and your consciousness are unlimited. To enjoy such vast happiness, you need to escape from attachment, let go of small pleasures.

If you do not rise above attachment, the small mind will only think, “What about me… my son, my daughter, my mind.” Just as your children belong to you, your neighbors’ children also belong to you. “Everyone belongs to me” – you can win over attachment only when this feeling dawns in you.

What determines how much wealth one accumulates in life?
When you receive even before the desire arises, that is called siddhi. Suppose you get almonds after you lose all your teeth, that is bad luck. When you get almonds when you have teeth, that is good luck. Also, whenever you wish for something, and if there is clarity, sincerity and purity in it, and if the wish is not for your pleasure but for the good of everybody, then it automatically starts happening. What logically you may think is impossible becomes possible. This is Sankalpa Shakti (the power of intention). So intention, attention and manifestation are the 3 steps that work in this.     

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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