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What happens when an atheist comes to the Guru?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Atheism is when you do not believe either in values or in the abstract. When an atheist comes to the guru, what happens? You start experiencing your own form and discover that you are indeed formless, hollow and empty. And this abstract non-form in you becomes more and more concrete. The guru makes the abstract more real and what you thought was solid appears to be more unreal. Sensitivity and subtlety dawn.  Then the journey begins and it has four stages.

The first stage is Saarupya — to see the formless in the form, seeing God in all the forms. Often, one feels more comfortable seeing God as formless rather than with a form, because with a form, one feels a distance, a duality, a fear of rejection and other limitations. In life all of our interactions are with a form, other than in deep sleep and in samadhi. And, if you do not see God in the form, then the waking part of life remains devoid of the Divine. All those who accept God to be formless use symbols, and perhaps love the symbols more than God himself. If God comes and tells a Christian to leave the cross or a Muslim to drop the crescent, perhaps he may not do it. To begin with, loving the formless is possible only through forms.

The second stage is Saamipya (closeness) — feeling absolutely close to the form you have chosen and reaching out to the formless. This leads to a sense of intimacy with the whole creation. In this stage, one overcomes the fear of rejection and other fears. But this is bound by time and space.

The third stage is Saanidhya — feeling the presence of the Divine by which you transcend the limitations of time and space.

Then the final stage is Saayujya — When you are firmly entrenched in the Divine. It is then you realize you are one with the Divine. There is a total merging with the Beloved and all duality disappears. This is that and that is this. Whether an atheist or believer, he goes through these four stages.

Buddha said, be your inner light, so why are the spirituality courses and techniques needed?

Answer from Gurudev
You have to listen to Buddha. Buddha had to come and tell you, be light unto yourself. Right? So that is a technique. Once in Rishikesh, They built a four story building and there were mounds around because Rishikesh is a hilly area, so after the completion of the four story building, they cleared the mound that was around. When that was cleared, suddenly they realized there no steps to the first floor. Because of the mound everyone was going through the mound all the materials was carried through the mound, when the mound was cleared, from the ground floor there were no steps to the first floor. There were steps from there onwards.

Like that, I was thinking when people say no need of technique, no need of Guru and all that, then there was no need of this question also. Right? Where is the need for an answer? If you were a bird, you don’t need the steps to go, but even a bird needs wings and should know how to flutter its wings. They learn how they should fly. And they need training. If a bird had no other bird around it, if they had just seen cats and kittens around, they would think they were one of them, they would not flutter their wings and fly.

We have a horse in the ashram, and the horse is in the cowshed. It is so friendly with all the cows, it will go and lick them. And somebody brought another horse, and they got very upset looking at each other. It looked like the horse thought it is a cow, when for the first time it saw another horse it became very wild.

So you need a mirror to look at yourself, and the mirror is the technique.

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