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Was it a courtesy call?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SOMETIME ago when the BJP government was mounting pressure on Kashmir's Hurriyat heroes, some top Congress leaders went to Srinagar and hugged them. These leaders had no quarrel with the Hurriyat men. And they wanted a dialogue with Pakistan. Their political position was different from that of the BJP government. Maybe that was why there was some secrecy in what they were doing.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi went one fine morning quietly to the Pakistani embassy and met the envoy. There was hush hush about this meeting. Even some envoys let everyone know that Rajiv Gandhi and he had met. And the next instant, there was a denial by the envoy. He declared he had not met Rahul Gandhi. This statement came from him after Rahul Gandhi reacted fast and said he had met the envoy but it was only a courtesy call. The Chinese envoy also agreed with this explanation and agreed they had met.

There is now tension between China and India. China is sending ships around India. Xi Jinping, Chinese President does not want to meet our PM and sort out some differences between India an China.

Meanwhile, the US, Japan and India are conducting joint sea operations. India and China may finally patch up and may find a way out towards peace. Rahul Gandhi must have got worried that the Centre would take objection to his meeting with the Chinese envoy and hold discussions with him. Result: a dramatic development. Nobody will believe if Rahul Gandhi says it was a courtesy call.

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