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Unity among Kashmiri leaders

Friday, February 08, 2019

IT looks like top leaders of Kashmir do not want to come together, form an united big party and form government. It looks like Kashmiri leaders cannot remain together. Each one of them is endowed with a huge ego that prevents them from getting together. Mufti has quite a good party and she could have joined other leaders and formed the government, but she did not do so. No leader has a party which can provide a majority by itself . What happens is the possibility of forming government slips out of the hand of the party. The leaders do not know how to share power. The fact is they do not want to share power.

After Mufti's alliance government there has not been peace in Kashmir. There has been continuing unrest. Our army is facing the situation well but not easily. It has to face new challenges from Pakistanis. There has been quite a few terrorists’ killing in encounters. There are new challenges which need to be dealt with in Kashmir. But for the power crazy, egoistic leaders, there would have been chance of continuing peace.

Farooq Abdulla and Omer are wise leaders. With anyone of them in power, there will be peace in Kashmir. The latest and the main problem in Kashmir is terror from Pakistan. The army is taking them on. A few locals are joining them. Already they are causing some problem. It is time we found out what Pakistan terrorists are doing in Kashmir. Pakistan has on eye on Kashmir which it claims belongs to it. Terrorists in Kashmir must be eliminated.

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