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Thimayya, Cariappa and Manekshaw..!

Saturday, May 12, 2018
By Robert Clements

My friend, a staunch member of the Prime Minister’s party grinned as he saw my face, “You seem upset?” he asked.

“Do you know the Prime Minister messed up facts and dates about two Karnataka generals?” I asked angrily, “Just to get Karnataka’s votes, he thundered in an election rally that Nehru had humiliated and belittled the Kannadigas, that Nehru had insulted army chief Thimayya in 1948 and made him resign from the army because the general according to Modi wanted to fight to free Kashmir and Nehru didn’t allow him to?”

“General Thimayya would have kept the whole of Kashmir!” shouted my friend.

“But it was a lie,” I whispered, “it was not Thimayya but General Roy Bucher who was the army chief that time! Thimayya became chief much later on!” I said.
“How many years later did General Thimayya become the army chief?”

“1957!” I said triumphantly.

“Arrey bhai nine years difference only?” asked my dear friend patting my back.

“And to mislead the Karnataka people even more,” I continued, “he said Nehru had also insulted another Karnataka general, Cariappa in 1962 during the Indo-China war!”

“Yes very sad no? If Nehru had not insulted the beloved son of the beloved Karnataka soil, whose beloved votes we want, then we would have won the 1962 war!”

“But Cariappa was not the general during the Indo-China war!” I said angrily, “General Cariappa had retired much earlier!”

“Aha!” said my dear friend who belonged to the same party the PM did, “Aha! Don’t you see? Don’t you see he is educating the voters! What a strategy! What a genius is our leader!”

“Educating the voters?” I asked flabbergasted.

“Yes! Last election the voters really believed he would put 15 lakhs of rupees into every one’s bank account, they really believed they would see Ache Din, that businesses would flourish, real estate thrive, economy bloom and job opportunities blossom! He told them and the poor voter believed him!”

“Yes!” I said simply.

“Now by mixing fiction and lies and presenting them as facts he is telling the truth to the voters, he is saying, ‘Don’t believe me, I like making promises!’ What a genius! What a man! Cariappa and Thimayya! He will bring Manekshaw in his next speech!”

“But Nehru was dead when Manekshaw became a general!” I said.

“Exactly!” grinned my friend, “Exactly..!”

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