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The raped nun and bishop

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A nun has been alleged to have been raped by a bishop. The bishop is based in Jalandhar. The nun has complained about the rape, she has written to the Pope. The bishop, she says, has been raping her for the last two years. A protest meeting was held in Kerala. At the end of it, the nun was seen crying. The bishop is vehemently denying there was any rape. She says the bishop continued to rape her for the last two years. The church seems to have at last taken notice of the matter and there is a chance now of an enquiry. The bishop who is the higher authority of the church appears to have greater chance of escape. He says he is keen on exposing the nun. The nun is lucky. She has the support of Kerala nuns. The meeting of her supporters showed that. The matter should go to the police. It must not be left to the church to decide the issue. The enquiry must not end with the church board.

The nun requires help. They are afraid of action by the higher authorities in the church. The poor nun has to fight with the bishop. That will not be easy. And then, she has been lucky so far: so far she has not had any problem of getting pregnant.

What is most necessary now is a fact-finding enquiry. The bishop has all the advantage. Church backing for instance.

A crime has been committed on a helpless woman. A nun is a totally helpless person. She needs help.  She cannot by herself, do much. In this case the church's help will matter. Whom will the church side - the bishop or the nun? The girl has made her problem known to the Pope himself. Whom will the Pope help? The poor nun or the bishop? Chances are also that he may not take up the matter? The matter will finally come down in Kerala or in Jalandhar. Chances are the nun will find herself nowhere. The nun's problem has got quite a bit of publicity. An enquiry may be held because of that. One thing is certain: the nun cannot expect anything to be done for her. She may be told not to talk about it but let it die down.

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