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Tackling a problem passenger

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

THERE are some Indian airlines which treat their passengers like Gods. Most of them have no problem wtih passengers. They know fully how to keep them relaxed and comfortable during the flight. They know how to say the right words and avoid verbal fights. And at the end, the flight is pleasant and all is well. And in some airlines invariably hot verbal fights erupt. The allegedly troublesome passenger is offloaded and denied the flight. This should not happen. The airlines staff is supposed to be calm. Experience must tell them how to behave, to say a few cool words. Not a single word must be uttered which would escalate the quarrel. For this, airlines must give proper training to their staff. Mid-air fights are not good. Offloading must be avoided. It is an insult to a passenger. The passenger is always right. Thats what a good airlines thinks.

The aviation minister is holding an enquiry into the dispute between a passenger and the staff of Indigo Airlines. The passenger was offloaded by the airlines staff for "misbehaving".

In mid-air, there should not be any scope for anger. Most passengers behave well and cause no problem. If, however, there are a few who do, they should be tackled tactfully.

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